*The “R” Word: Preparing for and responding to a potential economic downturn

  • Room: 1A02
  • Session Number: CNYW29
  • Session Price: $69.00
Monday, March 06, 2023: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Jim Starcev
United States
Mark Calhoun
Unpaid data intern
United States


Are we in a recession? Have we been in a recession? Will we be in a recession? There’s not a lot of agreement in answers to those questions but we do know that economic cycles you don’t control affect your coffee business. Attend this workshop to learn what actions the nerds at PerfectCube suggest you take to help put the odds in your favor regardless of what happens in the broader economy. As with every PerfectCube workshop you’ll learn what we think will happen and why and take home actionable steps you can put to work in your business. Questions and active participation is always encouraged.

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