Jake Leonti

Food + Beverage Advisor
F+B Therapy


Jake Leonti is a writer and Cafe Guru working in New York City. He has worked in the food + beverage industry for over 20 years. Designing and creating cafes, branding and marketing packages while helping entrepreneurs realize their vision is a passion of Jake's. Mr. Leonti is also the Editor-in-Chief of CoffeeTalk Magazine a member of the Roasters Guild, an SCA Certified Pro barista and a Gelato Master.

F+B Therapy is a food and beverage consulting company that offers services from opening cafes to menu creation and staff training all the way to product development, branding and business strategy. F+B is based in the Northeast with offices and training labs in New York and Miami. Clients range from 100 year old international brands to owner operator small businesses across the US, Europe, Australia, South and Central America.


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