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Monin Gourmet Flavorings was founded in Bourges, France in 1912 by Mr. Georges Monin and remains a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business.  With over 100 years of experience, Monin is the premium flavor choice around the world.  They offer more than 200 gourmet flavors across syrups, purées, sauces, smoothie mixes, concentrated flavors, and more; each made with the finest ingredients and a total commitment to quality.  From innovative flavors and delicious beverage and culinary recipes to racks, pumps, and merchandising materials, Monin prides itself on being a solutions provider and the single-source partner for all your flavoring needs.


Introducing Strawberry Rose, 2021's Flavor of the Year!
A Bouquet of Beautiful Blends

 Press Releases

  • With Spring knocking at our doorstep, the team at Monin Americas has introduced Honey Jasmine Syrup and Lavender Lemon Syrup to round out their fruit floral blend range. Bursting with bright color and beautiful flavor, both flavors are a lovely complement to the recently launched flavor of the year, Strawberry Rose Syrup. Both new florals have a bouquet of potential and are excellent in many applications, from lattes and cocktails to culinary recipes.

    “As the pandemic continues to impact the nation, consumers are still gravitating toward familiar and comforting flavors; however, they are also looking for something safely unique that can offer them a brief escape from reality,” says Bill Lombardo, CEO of Monin Americas. “Mainstream flavors like strawberry, lemon, and honey blended with floral flavors like rose, lavender, and jasmine make florals more approachable and deliver an on-trend offering for every menu.” 

    Monin’s 2021 Flavor of the Year, Strawberry Rose Syrup


    A romantic flavor that combines the queen of florals with ruby red strawberry, Strawberry Rose adds a beautiful scarlet hue while delivering notes of candied strawberry and soft rose in every sip and bite. It is the perfect addition to lattes, lemonades, cocktails and more.

    “We wanted to choose flavors that signified positivity and freshness as we kick-off 2021. And, what better way to do that than with a fruit floral blend that is often emblematic of those very things?” says Stasha Johnston, Senior Vice-President of Marketing. “Additionally, as our hospitality partners continue to simplify their operations, we looked to deliver a product that would excite their returning, all with an ease of execution.”

    Lavender Lemon Syrup
    This beautifully unique flavor is the perfect complement of fresh-picked lavender and hints of bright citrus combined with a vibrant violet color. Made with natural Meyer lemon flavor, it elevates and brightens the ever-popular lavender that has been popping up on beverage and food menus over the past couple of years.

    “We specifically used natural Meyer lemon flavor for the authentic lemon taste it provides. Also unique is that this flavor will not curdle in dairy applications, making it highly-versatile in everything from lattes and shakes to cocktails and lemonades,” says Ronnie McAlister, Vice-President of Research and Development.

    Honey Jasmine Syrup
    This enchanting flavor combines delicate jasmine and organic wildflower honey for a beautiful combination with a gorgeous amber color.

    “Most jasmine flavors on the market are very overpowering and can be off-putting to some,” says Brian Loukmas, Vice President of the Beverage and Culinary Innovation Team. “This flavor, however, has the perfect amount of jasmine that is nicely rounded out by the wildflower honey. It has quickly become a favorite of our mixologist team, who are now excited to develop recipes incorporating these new floral additions.”

    Made without any artificial ingredients, these exquisite blends deliver a sophisticated bouquet of flavors in each sip, all year long.


  • Strawberry Rose Syrup
    NEW Monin Strawberry Rose Syrup brings a touch of elegance to hot or iced lattes, teas, lemonades, mocktails and specialty cocktails with a scarlet hue, bold aromatics, and notes of candied strawberry and soft rose....

  • Sweet Sophistication

    Introducing Strawberry Rose, 2021's Flavor of the Year!

    Floral blends are in full bloom, and 2021 is coming up (strawberry) roses. In this romantic flavor of the year, the queen of florals is joined together with ruby red strawberry. The beautiful scarlet hue of Monin Strawberry Rose Syrup, coupled with notes of candied strawberry and soft rose, is the perfect addition to lattes, lemonades, cocktails, and more. Made without any artificial ingredients, this exquisite blend delivers a sophisticated bouquet of flavors in each sip, all year long.