Nectar Springs Naturally Infused Water  

Cincinnati,  OH 
United States
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  • Nectar Springs Infused Water
    Nectar Springs infused water is an amazingly refreshing beverage brewed from ingredients you would like such as dried apples, lemongrass and real peach pieces. Best of all, it has no sugar and no artificial sweeteners....

  • Nectar Springs infused waters were born out of a desire to have a beverage that is like water but better.  They are made from ingredients you would like and recognize such as dried apple bits, lemongrass and real peach pieces but never with any artificial colors or flavors, added acid or preservatives.  They are brewed like tea and create amazingly refreshing and colorful beverages that contain zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners and zero calories.  

    As customers' health interests have changed, there is an increasing desire to stay away from beverages with no sugar or artificial sweeteners.  As a result, up to half of all customers in sit down restaurants order tap water as their primary beverage, even in specialty restaurants such as breweries.  Nectar Springs is a way to give your customers a beverage that they would prefer without the ingredients they don't want.  

    Nectar Springs infused waters come in four great flavors; Raspberry, Peach, Mango and Spearmint.  The foil pouches lock in the fresh flavor and contain premeasured filter bags inside for convenient brewing.

    It's the beverage your customers really want when they ask for tap water.