The Art of High-Rise Building Intelligence and Battle Plans

  • Room: 103-104
  • Session Number:25575
Wednesday, August 04, 2021: 1:30 PM - 3:15 PM


Gerald Tracy
Battalion Commander (Ret.)
Fire Department of New York
United States
Jack J. Murphy
Fire Marshal (Ret.)/Fmr. Deputy Chief
Leonia (NJ) Fire Department
United States


It is important to adopt a “Know before you go” mentality and perform building recon--gathering critical information to develop a more informed decision-based “battle plan” for the fireground. The focus of this class is the creation of such a plan. A SMART fireground practice is to leverage the data into three manageable Quick Access Plan levels for a response. A building battle plan for the incident commander is composed of a separate overall plan for operations and activities within a high-rise building as well as a fire/all-hazard incident exterior to the building. Leveraging fire company building intelligence into a department legacy database will support current and future response challenges.



Instructors will utilize PowerPoint visuals, videos and encourage attendees to interact with the instructors and share their high-rise building experiences with no building knowledge and with building knowledge and how a Know Before you Go made a difference for your Battle Plans.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate the gathering individual building intelligence for battle plans can be an eye opener for firefighters. What you see on the outside, is not what you get on the inside? For example, a fire unit performing a recon on a 10-story building with a mixed occupancy (business floors 1 to 6 / residential floors 7 to 10) with separate entrances. An exterior building read may tell firefighters certain aspects of the structure, but not be applicable to the interior. Once inside this structure ‘RED’ flags arise as to firefighters accessing the upper residential floors and occupant evacuation issues. The building recon reveal reveals that there are four separate stairs, that do not directly connect to one another, but are connected via transfers corridors on the 6th floor.

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