So, You Want to Be a Training Officer! Do You Have What It Takes?

  • Room: 234-235
  • Session Number:25659
Wednesday, August 04, 2021: 1:30 PM - 3:15 PM


David McGlynn
Assistant Fire Chief
Letterkenny (PA) Fire Department
United States


This training officer development course is based on lessons learned while dealing with a diverse group of training officers. Its main objectives are to create an awareness of what it takes to be  good training officers and to motivate them to incorporate passion in their programs. Some departments have training officers who have never driven an engine, pulled a hoseline, or rode the front seat. Other training officers aren’t humble enough to build a program using the expertise of their people; the programs they develop often fail or are questioned by the members because they lack substance. Simply faking it will never work. This course teaches how to respect the culture, gain respect through credibility, and instill passion in training.



This presentation is interactive by engaging the students to discuss when they’ve experienced good training officers and bad training officers. These engagements help with analyzing and reviewing what traits will work when managing a training program. It covers the history of credible leaders in not only the Fire Service but across America. Lastly, participants will experience a “gut check” about their own qualities as a training officer. We all understand what encompasses a bad training officer and separates them from a good training officer. Sadly we either lose our passion for the job when we put on rank and we develop those bad traits or we take on a training officer position with no experiences or credibility to support us being a subject matter expert thus entering into the inevitable failure of our training program. This presentation will offer the tools needed to develop credibility and trust so they can become the training officer they wanted when they were “them” and the one their people deserve.

Learning Objectives

Defining what it really takes to be a good training officer, creating a legacy, how to achieve success, becoming a leader, the importance of dedication, team building, ego and establishing credibility.


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