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Rosenbauer America welcomes you to FDIC!

About Us: With more than 150 years of manufacturing experience, Rosenbauer is a global leader in firefighting technology and resources. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of fire equipment with 14 manufacturing locations worldwide.

Brands: Rosenbauer America, Rosenbauer Custom Chassis, Rosenbauer Aerials, Rosenbauer RTX, Rosenbauer Pumpers, Rosenbauer ARFF, Rosenbauer Pumps, Rosenbauer Panther


Rosenbauer Brand Overview
Rosenbauer RTX Electric Firetruck


  • Rosenbauer Aerials
    Rosenbauer offers a wide range of aerial apparatuses capable of fitting the need of any situation along with industry leading aerial technology....

  • The Rosenbauer aerial apparatus range include ladders, articulating and non-articulating platforms, elevated water towers, and tractor drawn aerials. They also feature industry leading technology. Rosenbauer’s SMART Aerial system connects all components via a CAN-bus electronic control system. Take hold of the single-handed, soft-touch joystick, and the massive aerial responds with pinpoint accuracy. Smooth operation is ensured with electric-over-hydraulic controls, designed to eliminate ladder whip. It’s the next level of control, allowing you to pilot all aerial functions simultaneously. With soft touch controls auto slowdown is provided to avoid hard stops. The system automatically eliminates whiplash. The environment is never ideal, so the apparatus must be able to handle anything. With Rosenbauer’s short jacking capability, the Smart Aerial system utilizes sensors and electronics to allow operation on the short jack side. Short jacking controls monitor the angle and extension of the outriggers for maximum stability. The system reads and assesses all conditions. The envelope control system even monitors ground pressure. It’s another safety solution firefighters depend on, especially when deploying the stabilizers in narrow or congested streets and alleys. Rotate, retract, and lower the aerial into the stowed position using the momentary auto- bedding switch. It couldn’t be easier and safer. A momentary auto bedding switch automatically beds the aerial for you. That’s the 20-20-20 feature. Auto bedding begins when the aerial reaches 20° left or right of the ladder bed, is less than 20% extended, and is less than 20% elevated. Our 7″ LED all-weather screen displays operational data in visual contexts. Each side of the screen features menu buttons to navigate through information options. The screens are clutter-free and color-coded.

    Our Rosenbauer aerials are also constructed using the ultimate solution to corrosion resistance. Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of coating the steel aerial parts with molten zinc. The galvanizing process protects against corrosion and reduces lubrication requirements. This process is a highly effective method to ensure steel resists the elements. Rosenbauer has been offering hot-dip galvanizing on aerials for more than a decade and the aerial sections receive a coating of zinc of at least 3 millimeters in thickness.

    Control your Rosenbauer aerial untethered with the most versatile and intuitive remote for the user. Stand up to 500 feet away from the truck and take full command. Set the outriggers, hoist the aerial, retract, rotate, elevate, and manage the load. This wireless remote both transmits and receives information, giving the operator continuous readings on key functions. Now you can do it all from a vantage point that gives you a 360-degree view. The screen is highly visible, even in bright sunlight. Backlighting is ideal for nighttime operations. In addition, on most aerial models, the apparatus operator can place the outriggers from the remote. This does not apply to aerial models with A-style.

  • Rosenbauer Pumpers
    Rosenbauer Pumper apparatuses offered in top, side, and rear mounts and are highly customizable as well as available on commercial chassis....

  • In service all around the world, these put the rapid in response. Designed and engineered with the build flexibility to exceed any department’s specific needs and requirements. Maximum maneuverability. Maximum performance. Minimal maintenance. For ease of operation and proven design, this is best in class value. For any first-on-the-scene questions, a Rosenbauer Pumper has a response. More importantly, it has the answer.

    The top mount pumper is widely regarded as the safest location for your pump operator. Options for crosslay storage can be either under the pump control or as a stand-alone section mounted behind the cab wall. Easy-to-operate slide-out trays make repacking your hoseload less burdensome.

    A rear mount offers your department more compartment area for equipment storage, keeping the tools you need close at hand during calls. With custom and commercial chassis options and multiple control locations, your department can customize the apparatus to your exact needs.

    Custom side mount pumpers have dominated fire department fleets for decades, and for good reason; they are tried and true. Rosenbauer is the leader in firefighting innovation, incorporating world class features into your apparatus. Choose from a custom or commercial chassis, determine your ideal control location, and customize every detail to meet your department’s needs.

    Available on Rosenbauer pumpers is the Scene Apparatus Manger (SAM™) by IDEX. SAM™ makes complex fire pump operations simple by managing water flow. This allows crews to focus on the fireground without being distracted by what is taking place on the side of the fire apparatus. SAM™ is an integrated total water control system that manages your truck’s pump, tank, intakes, and discharges. The SAM™ system replaces your pressure governor and takes care of opening and closing valves based on operator settings. Instead of a complex fire truck pump panel, you can have all your pump controls in a 10″ touch-screen display.

  • Rosenbauer Tankers
    Rosenbauer tankers offer high water capacity and high customization on either custom chassis or commercial chassis....

  • The measure of any tanker is also how it stacks up against a Rosenbauer. Water capacity up to 3,600 gallons. Rosenbauer tankers are fully configurable on either a custom or commercial chassis, enabling you to build the tanker that fits your unique needs and requirements. There is no higher standard in safety, ease, service, and dependability. Rosenbauer offers a multitude of dump valve and drop tank options.

  • Rosenbauer RTX (Electric Fire Apparatus)
    The Rosenbauer RTX is the most innovative, ergonomic, and detail oriented electric fire apparatus in the industry....

  • The Rosenbauer RTX is the ultimate example of innovation that Rosenbauer is known for. This built from the ground up electric fire apparatus was created with the firefighter’s needs in mind and to combat the challenges of this changing world. The two electric motors with a total peak output of 360 kW/490 HP (260 kW/350 HP continuous) and up to 37,000-foot pounds of torque ensure unprecedented rapid acceleration, especially in heavy city traffic. A low center of gravity and a more balanced axle load distribution gives unmatched cornering stability and a reduced risk of accidents. The suspension, developed by Rosenbauer, enables a significantly broader steering angle - even with all-wheel drive. The turning radius of the RTX is significantly smaller than that of conventional vehicles of the same size and thanks to all-wheel steering, maneuverability is increased dramatically.

    Despite its interior spaciousness, the RTX is only 92.5 inches wide, ensuring that the destination can be reached quickly, even when traveling on narrow streets or through tight passages. Thanks to its innovative compactness and the optional electronic exterior mirrors, even the tightest alleys are no problem for the RTX. The integrated high-performance LED strips, mounted above the compartments, with their powerful luminosity, ensure shadowless illumination of the operating environment and, in many scenarios, eliminates the need for a light tower on the apparatus.

    Emergency crews are exposed to high levels of physical strain. And ergonomics is often thought of last in the design of fire apparatuses. However, the driveshaft-free vehicle concept allows the equipment compartments to be extended downward. With level regulation, in operation mode the body can also be lowered to an entry height of just 10 inches. This enables easy access to the crew cabin. This improvement in ergonomics significantly reduces the long-term strain on the emergency crews.

    The RTX features intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreens. In addition to conventional switches, a customizable actuation button ensures maximum simplification. Driving the RTX is supported by assistance systems that help avoid accidents under challenging situations. These systems include electronic rearview mirrors with a significantly increased field of vision eliminating blind spots including a night vision function to provides a better view of the surrounding night-time traffic, full rear view integrated camera, and automatic object recognition that assists in avoiding collisions with people and objects. The Rosenbauer RTX classifies as a range extended electric vehicle (REEV), the onboard range extender consists of a state-of-the-art six-cylinder 300HP diesel engine and an electric generator. When more energy gets consumed than stored in the battery, the range extender automatically recharges it. The operating times of the RTX thus far exceed the requirements of NFPA standards.

  • Rosenbauer Rescues
    Rosenbauer Rescues are capable and ergonomic. Walk-in and walk-around as well as storage galore. Available in custom and commercial chassis....

  • Rosenbauer provides the most ergonomically engineered rescue in the industry. Fast and easy equipment access and the most rapid of response characteristics as well as body configuration and storage options that create an extension of the firefighter. Rosenbauer rescues and HAZ-MATs are built on our Commander, Avenger, and Warrior custom chassis and are available in walk-in and walk-around. Our medium and light rescues are offered on commercial chassis. Rosenbauer’s dynamic slide-out and slide-out transverse equipment allow for easy storage as well as access.

    Rosenbauer rescue apparatus can also incorporate our Smart Cab™ features. A custom-built console provides instant accessibility to all warning system controls and radios for both driver and officer. Large opening between cabs provides good communication and visibility for all crew. Rosenbauer’s EZGress™ swing-out step provides excellent entry and egress with only 14 inches from ground to first step. Its reliable mechanical design does not use air or electricity to operate. The Smart Cab™ has standard forward-facing crew seats with optional seating for up to eight. With 70 inches of headroom and 100 inches wide, the Smart Cab™ has ample room for the crew while en route and for rehab operations. Standard or recessed SCBA style seats are available, both with NFPA compliant seat belts. Heating and air conditioning are standard. Recessed red and white LED lights provide good lighting both en route and on scene. Special insulation and sound absorbing material reduce the noise level to 75 decibels at 65 mph, well below NFPA recommended levels.

  • Rosenbauer ARFF Apparatuses
    Rosenbauer ARFF vehicles are deployed and trusted around the world whether it be the capable Panther to the versatile Airwolf....

  • Rosenbauer’s line of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicles are designed for the utmost safety and dependability. Trust in equipment is paramount, which is why our ARFF vehicles are rigorously tested under the most extreme conditions and in the most adverse environments. Your crew can rest assured that, behind the wheel of a Rosenbauer ARFF vehicle, they’ll get the job done and get home safely. We’re proud to build our multi-award-winning Panther and Airwolf ARFF apparatus right here in the United States. For 30 years, the Rosenbauer Panther has provided unmatched performance to firefighters around the globe.

    The Panther offers a multitude of innovate features. When seconds count the Rosenbauer Remote Start feature provides firefighters with the ability to start the Panther with the push of a button from outside the cab. This allows the truck to go through the startup sequence while firefighters don their protective gear, saving critical seconds getting out of the station. The Panther’s lighting package include green safe to approach lights that shows the truck has the parking brake on and is safe for personnel on the ground to approach the vehicle. From a distance firefighters and Incident Command can see the water and foam tanks are full. The front airfield lights light up the pavement in front of the truck while the running lights give that special look of a Panther’s eye.

    The Rosenbauer Airwolf Rapid Intervention Vehicle is designed to fit the needs of smaller airports or to supplement response times at larger airports. The Rosenbauer Airwolf comes in two sizes, class 2, and class 3, to fit the role and mission of any ARFF department. Rosenbauer can also design the Airwolf C2 to function as a low-profile parking structure response vehicle.

  • Rosenbauer Custom Chassis
    Rosenbauer offers the most customizable chassis in the industry with the Commander, Avenger, and Warrior....

  • For ten years, Rosenbauer has been manufacturing what has been haled as the most customizable chassis on the market. Our three custom fire chassis – the Commander Series, Avenger and Warrior – were designed to give your department the customization you need while keeping safety and dependability at the forefront. Each of our custom chassis models is aggressively tested; from frontal impact to 120,000-pound crush tests, you can rest assured that your crew is safe in a Rosenbauer custom chassis.

    The Commander custom chassis began with an entire year of meeting with firefighters and fleet crews gathering their “wish list” to make the best chassis. From there, Rosenbauer made that wish list a reality with the Commander Series. The Commander has the rugged endurance to withstand the conditions fire trucks are exposed to. Our one-piece windshield offers an unobstructed view of the road ahead. The interior of the Commander offers a very spacious cabin, and crew in the rear have an always flat floor no matter the size of engine or placement of power takeoff. The performance and responsiveness of the Commander is in league by itself. Operating the chassis in narrow streets and hazardous road conditions wasn’t overlooked. To enhance the apparatus handling, the engine was moved back and lowered between the frame rails. This provides a lower center of gravity, coupled with optimized steering geometry.

    Aggressive testing meets aggressive styling with the Avenger custom chassis. In the Avenger, every inch is designed around your crew. Angled engine tunnels, high flow crew area HVAC, infinite forward facing crew seating, industry-leading hip room and a customizable center console are just a few of the features your crew will benefit from. Combined with durable construction, superior ride and handling, the Avenger is a fierce competitor, and will get your crew to and from each call safely and comfortably.

    The Warrior custom chassis is the chassis that can take your crew anywhere. Featuring a 96” cab width in four different figurations, Rosenbauer’s Warrior custom fire chassis is ideal for departments with narrow streets or roadways. The all-aluminum constructed Warrior cab has seating for up to four crew members, plus the operator and officer. It’s a cost-effective chassis option that’s been rigorously tested for safety and durability.

  • Rosenbauer Pumps
    There is a Rosenbauer pump for every application a department could need. All Rosenbauer municipal pumps are assembled in the USA....

  • Before Rosenbauer began making fire trucks, we started as a company that made fire pumps. When it comes to experience in fire pumps, we are the leader. Our Rosenbauer pumps are custom built for every application. We’re proud to announce that all of our pumps are built in our American headquarters in Wyoming, MN.

    Rosenbauer offers single-stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps in the N Series range of products. They achieve the best possible efficiency through three-dimensional impeller blades, the diffuser, and the spiral housing. The pumps of the N Series stand out with their flat pump characteristic curves. Pressure surges when opening and closing the nozzles are reduced to a minimum.

    The NH Series pumps combine all the benefits of the N Series pump with those of a four-stage, high-pressure centrifugal pump on a single pump shaft. The counter-rotating arrangement of the normal and high-pressure impellers provides optimum thrust load compensation making a separate drive for the high-pressure pump is not required. With the help of a switchover valve, the water supply of the high-pressure pump can be activated and deactivated at any speed. The use of centrifugal impellers makes the high-pressure pump resistant against contaminated water. A separate filter system is not required. The Rosenbauer high-pressure pump also has a flat characteristic. Pressure peaks, due to HP nozzles being opened and closed, are minimized.

    The N80 single stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps achieve the best possible efficiency through spatially curved impeller blades, the guide blades and the spiral housing. Combined with an extremely compact design, these pumps are impressive with their high discharge volumes. With a flat characteristic curve, pressure surges are reduced to a minimum when opening and closing the nozzles and outlets – this relieves pressure on the nozzle operator. The N80 is a universal built-in pump for airport, industrial and large tanker fire fighting vehicles, as well as for stationary systems.

  • Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System Technology
    The Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System is the ultimate solution to electric vehicle fires....

  • The new Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System Technology (the BEST™) is a patented system specifically designed for safe, efficient, and fast extinguishing of lithium-ion, high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles. The piercing nozzle directly injects water into battery modules to rapidly cool ‘thermal runaway’ fires.

    The BEST™ consists of two main components, the extinguishing unit and the operating unit which are connected with hoses: The extinguishing unit is positioned underneath the electric vehicle. Alternatively, it may be secured to the vehicle or other access points when necessary. The operating unit triggers the piercing nozzle to penetrate the battery housing at a safe distance from the fire. Immediately after penetration, the battery housing is flooded with extinguishing water.

    EV vehicles behave much differently than vehicles with conventional drive systems in many ways such as in event of an accident, faulty charging, etc. The Rosenbauer BEST™ is able to penetrate the battery housing no matter the material type or thickness. The objective is to cool the battery modules as quickly as possible to stop the fire at its source.

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