United Robotics Group Americas Inc.

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1101, 1106

We connect humans and robots

Join us in a celebration while we launch "Plato," the future of CobiotX, where robots work alongside humans, not replace humans. 

The United Robotics Group, with global headquarters in Bochum, Germany and domestic headquarters in Los Angelas, California, is launching the future of our human-robot collaboration with CobiotX.  

CobiotX robotic solutions not only introduce a new era of robotics, but altogether bring an innovative approach to the market, encompassing the principle that the human-robot relationship should focus on the human. CobiotX is “Robots for humans.” 

Plato the cobiot features an autonomous mobile platform with advanced navigation capabilities and was designed to function in fast-paced environments, like restaurants, to support the hospitality and food industry service workers with delivery experiences and advanced safety features. 

Brands: Plato, Nao, Pepper, Sawyer