Captiva Spirits Inc

Fort Myers,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 912

Welcome members. Stop by booth 912 and taste the sunshine.

At Captiva Spirits, we created the world’s first Key Lime Honey Vodka! Our attention to detail in handcrafting unique, superior products requires the best natural ingredients.

We use Fresh Florida Key Limes and raw honey to give our 70 proof Vodka the ultimate smooth taste. Filtering our spirit through micron and charcoal several times allows us to achieve an ultra smooth flavor. Our goal is to transport you to our tropical island at each taste.

Our Florida Formula for spirits sets us apart from other “Botanical or Flavored” Vodkas. You can see the difference inside each bottle. We never add sugar and we put pride into single every drop.  The result speaks for itself. There is no other product on the market that compares to Captiva Spirits. That is why we call it “Wonderfully Smooth, Naturally Florida!”

Recently, Captiva Spirits launched 3 flavors of Ultra-Premium Canned Craft Cocktails: Beach Lemonade, Tropical Spice and Mango Splash incorporating our Key Lime Honey Vodka.  These are great for those who want a "grab-and-go" full cocktail.  These 5% ABV are lightly carbonated and great tasting.  Perfect for bars, restaurants, and in-house convenience kiosks.

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