Alfred Technologies

Quebec,  QC 
  • Booth: 206

Come see Alfred's experts at Booth #206 to learn more!

Come meet Alfred's team at Booth #206 and have the chance to win a wine bottle (worth $100) selected by Alfred's best sommeliers.

By visiting us, you could also benefit from $500 off on the implementation fees of our innovative solution.

Alfred Technologies offers innovative technological solutions for beverage inventory management specially designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, as well as private wine collectors. 


Our unique perpetual inventory concept eliminates the need for periodic inventory counts. Powered by artificial intelligence, our solutions minimize beverage inventory management efforts and maximize profitability by enhancing the value of specialty wines through an intelligent wine list. Alfred also takes over non-value-creating tasks so that restaurant professionals can focus on staff well-being and offer an enhanced customer experience. 

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Brands: Alfred offers solutions for inventory management for wine & spirits and a revolutionary intelligent wine list for restaurants, hotels and bars.