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    Last August, Animat3D™ High-Tech Jabberin’ Jack Sold Out Weeks Before
    Most Families Thought About Halloween So Be Forewarned This Summer!
    Glendale, CA (August 5, 2021) – Anyone can carve two eyes and a mouth on a pumpkin. But it takes a gadget guru or a techie to appreciate a jack-o-lantern with eyes that blink, mouth that moves and an entire conversation that emanates from a round orange fruit! Be on the lookout for Jabberin’ Jack ($59.99) from Mindscope Products. He’s coming to a porch near you, but be forewarned, the singing, joking, talking holiday décor sold out last year in two quick weeks -- way before anyone could say trick or treat. Find one, while they last, online at JabberinJack.com.
    Whether hosting a Halloween party or anticipating a parade of costumed kids at the door, Jabberin’ Jack entertains everyone with its singing, talking, and joking! Each character – Spooky, Traditional and Funny - has three built-in songs plus more than 40 lines of jokes and phrases. Since it made its debut last year, compliments about its powerful projector and ability to show off three 3D personalities have flooded the online market.
    “I plan on doing an entire animated theme this year for Halloween” typed an online customer. “Between the hologram witches and now this pumpkin, Halloween is going to be awesome! Thank you!”
    Every autumn it’s not just candies and costumes that consumers want but dress-to-impress Halloween décor. Decorating the home is big business and it seems to start earlier and earlier. According to one mid-September 2020 article in bizjournals.com “Shop owners had customers asking about Halloween decor in early summer; the National Retail Federation said 4 in 10 consumers planned to start Halloween shopping in September or earlier. ”
    Mindscope Products, parent company of the animated Jabberin’ Jack, can testify to the allure of cool new gadgets to delight or spook visitors around October 31st. The company did indeed sell out by the end of Summer 2020. How did a brand-new product sell out that fast? Thank social media. Consumers caught a preview on Facebook in a late August 2020 post from Rich DeMuro, tech reporter for KTLA-TV. As he unboxed the high-tech toy, he showed off the patented technology of the short throw projector and built-in speaker located inside the pumpkin shell. The response was WOW!
    Powered by a USB cable, the simple 3-button control bar features two volume-control buttons and a skip-button to skip through the many personalities that come to life – Spooky, Traditional and Funny. With audio and visual entertainment running about 45 minutes long, there is an auto-shut down feature (in case grownups have to leave to refill up the candy bowl). Great for indoors and covered porch areas (i.e., no raindrops or high humidity), Jabberin’ Jack will become the talk of the neighborhood!
    “I splurged on the Jabberin’ Jack this year and am glad I did. It's of a higher quality than I expected, and the different personalities the pumpkin has are entertaining,” boasted a 2020 shopper. “We had the only one in the neighborhood, so we got lots of oohs and awes, and where did you get that comments.”
    A True Halloween Tale
    When Rich DeMuro, the tech reporter for KTLA-TV, walked the aisles of Toy Fair 2020 in the midst of NYC’s winter season, he spotted an animated pumpkin that grabbed his attention. There was something so innovative that this tech and gadget reviewer had to share on Facebook, in February. It may have been the only Halloween décor featured as folks were dreaming of Spring, certainly not October.
    He initially uploaded a brief video from Mindscope Products’ Toy Fair booth on his Facebook page with a foreshadowing note … I already know one decoration I'm getting for Halloween this year. The Mindscope folks followed up on his post the same day with the promise… We’ll send one your way… Fast forward from winter to late summer, as the tech reporter got one of the first samples. He showcased the animated pumpkin with glee on social media on August 16, 2020. In about two weeks, the entire inventory of Jabberin’ Jack was sold!
    Jabberin’ Jack • $59.99 • all ages (not considered a toy, but entertaining holiday décor)
    Surprise Halloween guests in the classroom or home with this 11” tall plug and play pumpkin that offers 45 minutes of joking, singing and lots of smiles! Best of all there is nothing to set up. The built-in projector and speaker are ready to go as soon as you plug Jack into an outlet. Listen and watch for three different personalities to amuse with jokes or scary anecdotes or an original song. And yes (!) moms and dads, each character has silent programming. Make Halloween even more spooktacular with a visit by Jabberin’ Jack.
    Order one online at www.JabberinJack.com and enjoy free shipping for purchases over $50.
    When Halloween ends, look for Mindscope Products’ two post-Thanksgiving 3D animated décor -- Mr. Chill Snowman ($59.99) and Fawny The Reindeer ($59.99). Get ready to amaze and spread holiday cheer to everyone that comes to visit.
    Mindscope Products offers a range of creative, imaginative, and fun toys for children to enjoy. Winner of multiple national toy industry honors including Oppenheim Portfolio Award, their toys are leading the industry in innovation and creativity. This inventor and manufacturer specialize in Construction, Magnetic Construction Toys, High Density Foam, Memory Foam and Plastic Molded Toys. Its newest division, ANIMAT3D™ High-Tech Holiday Décor, has captured the attention of children and parents alike with Jabberin’ Jack, Mr. Chill Snowman and Fawny The Reindeer. See what the excitement is about at mindscopeproducts.com.


    JABBERIN' JACK is A Plug'n Play Indoor/Outdoor Animated Talking Pumpkin!
    Provides Over 45 MINUTES of Animations, Singing, Talking and Joking!...

    • JABBERIN' JACK is A Plug'n Play Indoor/Outdoor Animated Talking Pumpkin!
    • Provides Over 45 MINUTES of Animations, Singing, Talking and Joking!
    • PATENTED Technology! Short Throw Projector And Built-in Speaker Located Inside Pumpkin Shell.
    • Simple 3 Button Controls: 2 Volume Control Buttons and a Skip Button to Skip Through Animations.
    • Great for Indoor and Covered Porch! Powered by USB Cable. (USB Cable Included, Adapter NOT Included)