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Spectre Candles - Our Candles are Bloody Wicked! We hand craft + hand pour the only color change candles that will bleed right before your eyes! Magically return to original bone chilling color once extinguished, all while delivering a fabulously wicked fragrance throughout the room. Made in USA


Spectre Color Change Candles

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    We will be offering an at Show ONLY special for an additional 15% off our Wholesale list price for all orders made during the show. Come visit us at booth 1630 and see the only color change candles that are truly "Bloody Wicked" and will transform from one color, to another and back again. Spectre Candles

 Press Releases

  • January 7, 2023


    Spectre® Candles

    Brian Aiken

    Kromara, LLc


    Spectre® Candles unveils magical color change candles at the Halloween and Party Expo!

    Las Vegas, Nevada: This week, Spectre® Candles officially launches its newest collection of magical premium color change candles made with Colorsine® available to retail customers. Their innovative Colorsine® technology allows them to create the only candles that can transform from one color to another and magically return back to the original color. Many companies have tried to develop this technology over the years, but they are the first to offer a wide collection of colors, styles and fragrances.  The new Spectre® Candles Collection features the company’s premium custom blended fragrances and colors in a variety of sizes – Bloody Skull Mugs, illustrated containers, and pillars – their candles are uniquely designed, and hand poured in the USA to magically entertain and delight customers year-round. They will bleed color right before your eyes!


    Spectre’s Candles designs their products, and packaging to allow customers to easily recycle or upcycle their items to be reused and repurposed to enjoy well beyond the life of the candle. They are offering their candles for the first time to premium retailers throughout the domestic United States.

    About Spectre Candles: Spectre® Candles is a brand of Kromara, LLC, an up and coming candle company originated and operates just outside of Cleveland, Ohio that also includes other candle brands such as Kromara® and Flame Fanatic®.  Each specializing in the design of unique color change candles for their premium customers, using their proprietary Colorsine® technology.

    They are focused on delivering uniquely driven brand experiences and the world's best color-changing candles to amaze and delight! The only candle that changes to another color and back again.

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    Spectre® Candles

    www.spectrecandles.com | baiken@kromara.com


  • Spectre Magical Color Change Candles
    A 16 oz Premium Glass Skull Mug Candle that will gradually bleed blood red while lit and when cool, magically return to their bone color....

  • Ready for a bloody magical experience? Right before your eyes, watch the magical metamorphosis as our Spectre Skull Mug Candle starts out as bone, pools blood red when lit, and turns back to bone white when cool. As the candle burns, the room fills with enchanting notes of cinnamon, pine, and vanilla.

    Our clean-burning premium candles have been carefully handcrafted. Our lead-free wicks, custom-blended wax, magical color transformation, and premium fragrance oils all create a truly unique experience.

    Color changes from bone to blood red and back to bone.

    Fragrance notes: cinnamon, pine, and vanilla

    Product details:

    • Glass mug with handle
    • Wood lid
    • 10.5-oz. candle
    • 16-oz. mug
    • Two wicks
    • Diameter: 4”
    • Height: 4.375”
    • Burn time 30+ hours
    • Made in USA
    • Made with Colorsine™
    • Colors may vary