Rasta Imposta

Runnemede,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 1111

Hello Customers of Rasta Imposta and Future Customers of Rasta Imposta.  Robert and Tina Berman, alogn with our fabulous Nicole and Meredith will be your fantastic hosts during The Mirage Trade Show, and we plan on showing you a fabulous time that will rival any show you would see on the strip!  Take that Adele!    Our costume line continues to grow as we push the limits on creativity.  Our specialty continues to be on the funny and humorous.  Couples and Group costumes keep growing, and we have group costumes for families of all ages.  New licenses include new alcoholic beverages, hot sauces, seasonings, and condiments.  If you made it all the way to Vegas for the Halloween show, make sure you stop by our booth and see what's new.  Since our first year in 1992, Rasta Imposta remains a family owned independent business with Robert, Tina & Jodi Berman, along with a fantastic staff of designers and adminstrators, working hard to stay in front of the curve so you can have the funniest and most clever product for your customers.  We have 200 more characters to fill up this page.  Rasta Imposta does best:: HUMOR, FUNNY, CREATIVE, LICENSED, INDEPENDENTLY OWNED, HERE TO STAY--RASTA IMPOSTA!

 Show Specials


  • Group Themed Costumes
    Simply Go as a Group together with your friends, coworkers, teachers, or family. Easy costumes to be worn over clothing. Throw it on and take it off when done. Unique and different, yet simple and easy!...

  • Rasta Imposta offers the most creative group costumes you can imagine.  Perfect for coworkers, teachers, families, friends, employees--easy and simple yet funny and creative costumes that you can wear over your clothing.  Make a lasting impression with a great Instagram post or funny TikTok video.  You will be making your shoppers really happy by having Rasta Imposta in your stores.