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New York,  NY 
United States
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Come discover our unique handcrafted plates made in France!

REVOL is a French family-run and owned company providing you with a unique expertise of 250 years in manufacturing porcelain and distributed in 80 countries. Providing the best quality of cook-and-serve high-grade porcelain, REVOL offers an exceptionally wide range of culinary and buffet ware, plateware, and accent pieces suitable for daily operations and meeting performance requirements. REVOL porcelain is of exceptional quality, it’s non-porous, guaranteeing perfect hygiene. Its smooth, hard glaze doesn’t craze nor scratch, it’s easily cleaned and withstands the thermal shock. Our porcelain is ideal for cooking, serving and eating all in one dish. In 2017, REVOL has introduced MEALPLAK to the American market. Made of Nacryl®, MEALPLAK products are manufactured in France and design to lively enhance buffet presentations and dining experience. Freezer safe and UV warrantied, MEALPLAK has become an asset for Executive and Pastry Chefs to differentiate their presentations. More than ever, REVOL is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, for creative Chefs and properties wishing to elegantly stand out with innovative serving and dining solutions.


  • Flatware
    Staying coherent with its brand universe, Revol is constantly expanding its sphere of expertise, our manufacture is naturally taking the turn of introducing cutlery, linking the vessel with the tasting....

  • With their exclusive design, Revol's pieces were all conceived with a strict eye for ergonomics, durability and elegance, and always with a focus on quality.

    The 18/10 stainless steel we have selected is the longest-lasting when it comes to cutlery. The knives are made from a special stainless steel to assure their durability and sharpness. They are more resistant to corrosion, have a long-lasting blade and don't leave any marks on porcelain. 

  • Our new organic line YLI
    Organic, primitive and sensual, the YLI collection has broken free of tableware norms to question our relationship to the material and in doing so, to fully awaken our senses....

  • Deisgned by the French sculptor Ferreol Babin, these pieces require an artisan's skill and a long, slow, patient and meticulous working process. 

    In awe of craftsmanship, the Revol manufacture reveals itself ni a new light with the launch of YLI. Forging new links with the earth and with history, this is porcelain fully revealing its raw, moving, primitive character.