Meisei Co.,Ltd.

Minato City,  TOKYO 
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One stop for all disposables. Thank you for checking us out.

Thank you for checking us out. 

Meisei Co . Ltd is a Manufacturing and Trading Company. We manufacture PE disposable gloves and have over three decades of experience sourcing quality and cheap disposable products for our client's needs. 

We do all the work so that our customers have more time on their hands to focus on other opportunities.

Some of the products: 

Nitrile disposable gloves 
Vinyl disposable gloves 
PE (CPE TPE LDPE) disposable gloves 
Plastic food packaging 
Paper food packaging 

Brands: Private Branding.


  • Disposable Gloves/Food Packaging/ Cleaning/Safety
    Wide range of Disposable products for the food service and healthcare industry.

    FCL and LCL shipments are available
    Custom branding available...

  • Products: 

    Gloves: Nitrile, Vinyl, Hybrid, TPE, CPE, LDPE

    Food packaging: Plastic/ Paper food packaging/ biodegradable food packaging 

    Others: Aprons/ Mask/ Face shields/ Hair nets 

    Our Services 

    Manufacturing: We are a manufacturer of PE disposable gloves. We produce CPE, TPE, LDPE, and HDPE gloves. We produce these for food industries so that they can protect their employees and customers from food-borne diseases. Look no further, as we can cater to all your needs with disposable gloves.

    Excellent sourcing partner: With over 30 years of extensive experience in sourcing, we can help your business to thrive by sourcing the highest quality disposable products from our database for the target price you want.

    Private Branding: Do you want to operate your own business selling disposable products? We are ready to help you with it. Our team can manufacture disposable products according to your specifications and deliver them under your own branding. We also provide complimentary assistance with the designing and printing of labels. You just need to have us as your manufacturing partner and focus on your business.

    Custom Products: Do you want assistance with manufacturing customized disposable products as per your specific needs? We are ready to help you with that. We make custom molds based on your sizing requirements, pick the most appropriate material ranging from paper to plastic, proceed with custom designing the packaging, and offer all other help you need with getting your disposable products to the market.

    Delivery: (For FCL) After manufacturing disposable products, we will be using reliable shipping lines to deliver the products to the location of your choice. We don’t only offer intercoms FOB or CIF to do business. Instead, we will be offering much-needed assistance to you with customs clearance and duty payments, along with the delivery of products.