DAVO by Avalara

Seattle,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 2030

DAVO by Avalara is sales tax on autopilot.

DAVO by Avalara uses sales data from your POS system to automate your sales tax. Once your sales tax is configured correctly in your POS system, we’ll set aside the sales tax you collect daily and transfer to DAVO’s secure tax holding account. When your sales tax is due, DAVO will automatically file and pay with the state, guaranteeing they will be paid on time and in full. With DAVO you never need to worry about sales tax again.

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  • (Feb 16, 2023)

    DAVO automates every step of the sales tax process — from collecting to filing to paying. It works seamlessly with your POS, so there’s nothing you need to do. And because DAVO guarantees your taxes will be paid on time and in full, there’s nothing to worry about either.

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