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Transform Flexibility into Profitability

Gala Systems has been creating flexible spaces within casino complexes through the implementation of innovative technology, permitting many types of events to be held within the same footprint. The result is a reduction in the overall space requirements for specific functions. The implementation of transformable event space allows for business (entertainment), cultural and public event configurations that enables the Event Center within the Casino to optimize efficiency and utilization of the space while supporting the development of a broader and more diverse clientele to the property. The solution also allows for a more effective use of capital in new construction, expansions, or renovations.

We have proven expertise in creating multifunctional auditoriums and are involved from the development of business cases, integration of design aesthetics with architects, layout designs to manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and support.

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  • Customer development, loyalty and long-term retention have always been a major focus for commercial and tribal casino owners and operators. Industry trends and data indicate that diversity in the types of special events and activities within a casino event center can increase guest attendance and create a new and different demographic of foot traffic on the casino property. This ultimately will help attract other patrons through exciting new public experiences and will generate an important source of indirect revenue that extends beyond the casino showroom floor. As a result, many owners and operators are looking for ways to become more flexible in their event center facilities to reap these benefits.

    flexible event center integrating the Gala Systems technology can host a wide range of social activities and unforgettable events. Forward-thinking casinos have seen results that doubled the utilization of their event centers and have generated a substantial increase in visitors and attendance at their properties. Not only was revenue optimized during off-peak hours, but this also led to additional revenues in gaming and other casino amenities (such as food and beverage sales). As an added value, these casinos have also been able to offer the use of their flexible facilities to the wider community, providing a popular and marketable  venue for resident activities and gatherings.

    But what exactly is a Gala Venue® flexible event center? 

    A room that can be automatically converted, within minutes, from a conventional auditorium-style setup into other dynamic formats – flat or stepped floor space layouts with or without seats.  This space suits all types of events equally well, from concert performances to business seminars or exhibitions, cabarets or banquets, and any other event with a permanent look and feel.

    As the trend grows for casinos to expand their event centers beyond the gaming experience, a more flexible space is essential. As we know, entertainment is multi-faceted, and venues with a high level of operational flexibility and versatility create a real opportunity to provide a special and personalized experience for loyal guests and new customers alike. With multiple configurations and a quick transformation time, Gala Systems flexible showrooms can help casinos host more non-gaming events and activities that can serve as increasingly important revenue drivers and maximize the potential of their properties to become an event hub in their market.

    Outside of the casino industry, venue concepts such as the new Steinmetz Hall in Orlando and the Tobin Center in San Antonio have demonstrated the value of flexibility, allowing for mixed-use events within the same space with a permanent look and feel in all cases. Equipped with a Gala Venue® automated seating system, they transform on the fly to match frequently fluctuating audience sizes and the specific needs of each event.


    High potential for improved financial performance

    • Increased potential client base with events that speak to targeted audiences.
    • Additional revenue-generating uses: business meetings, weddings, product launches, banquets, city events, etc.
    • Increased daytime usage with same-day flexibility and year-round attendance.

    Numerous event possibilities

    • Musical acts (with multiple seating configurations including dance floors and mosh pits), cocktail events, awards ceremonies and dining events, e-sports tournaments, charity benefit events, gaming tournaments (poker, slots, other table games), sporting events, holiday parties, weddings, movie nights, etc.

    Computerized user-friendly transformation

    • Fully automated transformation within 15 minutes, from tiered-floor auditorium to flat floor space or any other configuration

    Superior design

    • Permanent look and feel – as seamless and robust as fixed arrangements

    Proven patented technology

    • 750 projects in the USA and 2000 worldwide – from orchestra and stage lifts to fully flexible showrooms


  • GALA VENUE® Auditorium transformation system
    The Gala Venue System allows the reconfiguration of showroom for multipurpose use of space, allowing theatre style fully seated showrooms to transform into numerous configurations within 10 minutes, to suit Business, Entertainment and Exhibition Events....

  • The Gala Venue® System is designed to automatically transform a showroom to suit numerous functions. The immediate results are an efficient use of space, reduction of overall square footage, and a more effective use of capital.

    These dynamic showrooms have the ability to host a multitude of events within the same space such as: Musical acts (with multiple seating configurations including dance floors and mosh pits), Cocktail events, Award Ceremonies and Dining events, E-Sports Tournaments, Charity Benefit events, Gaming tournaments (poker, slots, other table games), Sporting events, Holiday parties, Weddings, Movie nights, etc. Casinos have been able to, at least, double the attendance and utilization of their showrooms and substantially increase attendance and visits to their casinos.

    By holding all events within one space, multifunctional showrooms can hold a variety of events during the off-peak hours thereby increasing attendance during these times, optimising revenues in down times and insuring added revenue in gaming and amenities such as bars, kitchen services and retail shops.