Got Cashless? Watch out! The Pitfalls, Detection, and Practices to Protect Your Casino's Mobile App and Mobile Wallets!

  • Room: DPS Stage
Wednesday,April 10, 2024:11:30 AM -12:30 PM


Jennifer Carleton
Chief Legal Officer
Sightline Payments
Sam Basile
Vice President - Business Development - North America
GeoComply Solutions, Inc.


You got the omnichannel and have gone cashless across your casino floor. You're offering sign-up bonuses and promotional play directly to your customers through your mobile app. Now, you have decided to permit external funding directly through your mobile app rather than at your cage or a kiosk. Things are good, right? Not exactly. Bonus hunters, account takeovers, and money launderers are attacking Mobile iGaming operators now. If they are attacking those mobile apps, your mobile app is next. How do you fight this? What reporting requirements do you have? How can you protect your player's wallets from account takeovers?