Multichannel Commerce: NGA Student Case Study Competition

  • Room: Forum 115-116
Tuesday,March 01, 2022:2:15 PM -3:00 PM


Jim Dudlicek
Director, Communications and External Affairs
National Grocers Association


As many retailers have rushed to offer online delivery and pick-up as an option, especially during the 2020 pandemic, the approach of selling food on multiple platforms may sometimes be seen as an adjunct to the “regular” shopping experience, instead of an additional offer in an omnichannel approach to serving customers.  A seamless journey through all channels of operation is the customer engagement and loyalty goal.  Now, adding to the complexity, there are multiple touchpoints in the shopper journey, more robust customer loyalty data available than ever, and customers adding more of a multi-channel approach to their shopping journey: in-store, online, social sites, comparison shopping engines, etc.  Inventory management, customer data management, and attracting customer attention are now more difficult than ever. Students participating in the 2022 Case Study Competition will explore the optimal set-up for a complete and seamless multi-channel platform for Woodman’s Markets today and in the future?


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