Food Innovation - The Operator Perspective

  • Room: Summit 218-220
Sunday,February 27, 2022:1:35 PM -2:05 PM


Arthur Ackles
Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Buying and Store Design
Roche Bros
Kevin Coupe
Content Guy
Lauren Redman
Leader of the Pack/President and CEO
Rudy's Market, Inc.. DBA Newport Avenue Market


Sometimes lost in all the discussion of innovation - often focusing on technology, analytics, and e-commerce - is the critical role that food must play as retailers carve out a path toward Retail Tomorrow.  In this session, Arthur Ackles of Roche Bros. and Lauren G.D. Redman of Newport Avenue Market will talk about how they seek to innovate in their food departments, whether it is investing in new ways to source produce or finding unique food items that will drive culinary aspirations in their customers (and sales for their stores!).