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If you have deep fryers, we will save you 50% on oil costs.

With the cost of cooking oil now more than double, and the rising cost of food a major concern for hot prepared foods and deli counters, our company has a FDA solution that will reduce your cooking oil purchases by 50% and this will help offset some of the new oil price increases.

OiLChef is an award winning brand of eco-friendly products that is sitting inside tens of thousands of deep fryers around the world today and only takes 3 seconds to instal and only has to be replaced every 3 years.

Our OiLChef device comes with a FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY.. and is virtually maintenance free.

If you would like to add value to your fried food bottom line, come by and have a quick chat.

Brands: OiLChef is the global award winning eco friendly brand. Our small accessory is designed to be added to deep fryers and it really does reduce your cooking oil purchases by 50%.

 Show Specials

  • The award winning OiLChef device is a catalytic convertor for open and pressure fryers. This device enable your cooking oil to produce at least twice the amount of food from the same oil maintaining superior food quality. If you commit to purchase units at the show while in person, we will give you a show special discount of 30%.