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Get real-time visibility with DeltaTrak product solutions

For over 30 years, DeltaTrak® has been a leading innovator of cold chain management, environmental monitoring and food safety solutions. This experience has taken real-time monitoring to the next level, delivering cloud-based solutions to global supply chain stakeholders for making data driven decisions to continuously improve efficiency, profitability, minimize claims and reduce waste.

With DeltaTrak product solutions, now you can know your shipment’s condition, location and ETA

Real-time data tells you where a shipment is during transport, where it’s been, when it will arrive, and conditions that products are exposed to. FlashTrak Cloud Services is a complete solution for global supply chain stakeholders making data-driven decisions to improve traceability, efficiency, profitability, minimize claims, increase profits and reduce waste.

  • FlashTrak provides 24/7 visibility of trip data, user friendly interface, alerts and reports. Data can be seamlessly integrated into other systems via API. Add-on services include Maritime tracking, Chain of Custody, Claims Service. FlashTrak Connect Mobile App now available

  • FlashLink NOW 4G/5G Real-Time Loggers collect and upload data to FlashTrak. An LCD shows temperature, signal strength, battery life, max/min readings, and confirms activation. They can track location, temperature, light, humidity and shock, and models with non-lithium batteries for air transport.

Join Dapicon CEO Gary Fleming, a 30 year veteran in the food industry and an integral figure in supply chain innovations for the NGA Thought Leadership Session: Progression to a Data-Enabled Supply Chain.  February 28, 2023, 12:00PM - 12:30PM in the NGA Technology Though Leadership Theatre

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Flashtrak Chain of Custody presentation

 Press Releases

  • DeltaTrak Awarded U.S. Patent for FlashTrak Global Supply Chain Management System

    Patented Chain of Custody Platform Provides Unmatched Visibility, Metrics and Traceability in the Transportation of Perishable Products

    Pleasanton, Calif. (Feb. 6, 2023) ─ DeltaTrak, a leading innovator of cold chain and supply chain management solutions, was issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Method of Managing Information for the Supply Chain of a Perishable Commodity. This patent directly pertains to DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak® Global Chain of Custody (CoC) information management system that was introduced in November 2022.

    FlashTrak CoC expands the functionality of DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak platform to provide detailed supply chain traceability, helping stakeholders identify all entities associated with an order, predict product quality, trace shipment information, and confirm compliance with government regulations.

    The journey of perishable goods from the growing environment to consumers is critical to prevent spoilage, reduce waste and ensure product safety. Due to siloed, antiquated systems, no single entity has comprehensive data on the entire journey of a perishable good. Historically, a user needing CoC information would spend considerable time and energy logging on to different, often redundant applications to piecemeal information. Until the creation of FlashTrak CoC, no data combined commercial and quality data into one integrated platform to reveal patterns, inefficiencies, problems, or solutions in the perishable commodity supply chain.

    Developed to utilize data captured by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interface (API), FlashTrak CoC is a cloud-based platform that serves as a single repository ecosystem of information. Built on the Dapicon ecosystem, which houses data contributions from buyers, sellers, marine traffic companies, real-time temperature tracker providers, third-party logistics companies, and government agencies, FlashTrak CoC aggregates contributions from consortium partners to provide cohesive visibility into the supply chain and yield complete transparency. FlashTrak CoC provides actionable data enabling users to identify all suppliers related to any order and the shipments associated with the order.

    FlashTrak CoC Benefits

    • End-to-end product traceability using industry standard GS1 standards– from the source to the store and every movement in between
    • International shipment tracking using key identifiers like booking numbers, master bills of lading, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
    • Locating shipments on land, water, and air
    • Management and maintenance of required regulatory compliance documents
    • Automated collection of international shipping documents
    • Automated digital claims service

    “This kind of critical business information is traditionally found in separate, disparate systems making it difficult, expensive and time consuming to gather and analyze all the data required to make smart distribution decisions,” said Fred Wu, DeltaTrak founder and CEO. “Our patented CoC platform gives users access to key outputs needed to make smarter and faster decisions, helping reduce operational costs, protect product quality and even perform precision recalls due to enhanced traceability of problem origin.”

    FlashTrak also addresses sustainability by continuously monitoring the status of the products in transit. In the United States, food loss and waste results in 170 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, excluding the emissions from wasted food sent to landfills. Approximately 12% of food waste occurs during the distribution process, mainly because of improper refrigeration.

    “Temperature control during the movement of perishable goods is paramount to ensure shelf life and food safety,” said Wu, who noted that pharmaceutical products face the same challenge. “FlashTrak CoC is the only patented ecosystem platform that integrates both the IoT quality data of the product and the transactional commercial data to provide full supply chain traceability of where and what is the condition of your cargo in real time.”

    About DeltaTrak

    DeltaTrak is a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions, real time tracking devices and data analytics for temperature sensitive and other high-value commodities. Our Cold Chain Solutions are used by thousands of clients worldwide to provide visibility of domestic and international shipments. Contact your DeltaTrak account manager or call DeltaTrak Sales at 800-962-6776.

    About Dapicon

    Dapicon is a leading supply chain technology company, providing visibility and creating efficiencies across the supply chain. With its patented Middle Layer platform, Dapicon enables solutions that consider the impact disparate data sets have on an outcome, giving you a comprehensive solution to address your supply chain challenges. Dapicon is a wholly owned subsidiary of DeltaTrak.


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  • FlashTrak Chain of Custody
    FlashTrak CoC provides actionable data for you to manage, link, align, collaborate, and share information across the whole supply chain. Track location and quality of products through the cold chain....

  • FlashTrak Chain of Custody is a digital cloud-based application covering the entire supply chain. Combined with real-time data loggers, it provides traceability data, giving you the capability to surgically remove tainted product and reduce the spread of foodborne illness, saving significant time, money, as well as protecting your customers and your brand.

    We track and trace products, linking critical data across the supply chain to provide stakeholders visibility and information needed to make smarter, safer, and more efficient decisions on shipments and the quality of the cargo.

    FlashTrak CoC aggregates transactional data contributed from various sources using Application Program Interface (API) and Electronic Data Capture (EDI). This gives detailed traceability information on each entity who took possession of product along the supply chain.

    Knowing the complete history of a food product empowers every participant in the supply chain to quickly respond to government inquiries when tracking an outbreak of foodborne illness.

    This platform also integrates data from FlashLink Real-Time track and trace sensors, combined with advanced methodologies that determine internal product temperature as well as quality, with the end goal of protecting shelf life and optimizing profits.

  • FlashLink NOW & NOW AIR 4/5G Real-Time Loggers
    FlashLink NOW 4/5G Real-Time Loggers for land & sea cargo, track location, temperature, humidity, shock, light during transport, storage & delays. Data is uploaded to FlashTrak Cloud Service, available 24/7. Non-Lithium "AIR" models track air shipments....

  • FlashLink NOW Real-Time Loggers collect and upload data to FlashTrak Cloud Service. The NOW models feature a large LCD, important for shippers to verify the unit has been activated before it's put in the container or truck.

    The LCD shows the current temperature and RH readings, cellular network signal strength, and battery life. On arrival, receivers can recall maximum/minimum readings from data stored in its internal memory. The FlashLink NOW tracks location, temperature, humidity, light, and shock.

    It provides a complete trip record of location and conditions that products are exposed to during transit, storage. This data is especially critical when supply chain delays occur. Invaluable information is available online for all stakeholders to use for making data driven supply chain decisions and resolving claims.

    FlashLink NOW AIR 4/5G Non-Lithium Real-Time Loggers are designed for air cargo shipments, this real-time in-transit logger complies with IATA regulations by using a non-lithium battery and an air pressure sensor that automatically shuts off cell signals while the plane is in flight.

    The logger continuously tracks and records location, temperature, humidity, light and shock for up to 120 days, and uploads this data to FlashTrak Cloud Service. A large LCD is essential for shippers to verify the unit is activated before it's put in the container or truck. The display shows current temperature and RH readings, cellular network signal strength, battery life, and also can recall maximum/minimum readings from data stored in its internal memory.

    You will have a complete trip history record of location and conditions that products were exposed to during transit, storage, which is especially important when supply chain delays occur. This vital information is available online from FlashTrak Cloud Services, for all stakeholders to use when making data driven, critical supply chain decisions and for resolving claims.

    New FlashLink 4G/5G Real-Time Loggers including the 22390-04 FlashLink NOW 4G/5G In-Transit Logger and the just released 22493 and 22493-01 FlashLink NOW AIR models.  Additionally, the 22367 FlashLink RTL Prime 3G-2T IT Logger is now available and has been purpose-built for ocean container shipments with an internal sensor to measure the air temperature at the back of the container and an external sensor on a 50ft/15m cable to measure the supply air temperature.

  • FlashTrak Cloud Services
    Trip data is available 24/7 in real-time: Know the conditions your products are exposed to during transport, know the current location of your container, when it will arrive and where it’s been....

  • FlashTrak is an online application that collects data from IoT devices in real-time, making it available to users 24/7 from any internet enabled device.

    Real-time monitoring provides stakeholders with exceptional visibility of a shipment. Knowing exactly where cargo is at all times and conditions product is exposed to, will optimize risk management. Real-time data and alerts empower managers to make decisions that can increase supply chain efficiencies, reduce product waste and improve their bottom line.

    FlashTrak automated data collection, management, and reporting also helps to meet compliance requirements for food safety and quality, such as FSMA 204, HACCP, and similar EU and global directives.

    Maritime Service is a feature that shows you where your container is while it’s still on the ocean, and notifies you when it will arrive. It tracks vessel location and provides ETA for efficient scheduling of inspections, other post arrival activities, and land transportation.

    FlashTrak also includes Claims Services, integrating with Optimiz, an online service that automates cargo claim filing with digitized proof of product condition. Claims are initiated from FlashTrak with a simple click of a button, and can be done even before the ship reaches port. Trip data indicates temperature and humidity conditions so cargo disposition can be determined when out-of-range events occur during transport.

    FlashTrak Connect Mobile App gives access to your data in FlashTrak - anytime, anywhere from a tablet or smartphone.