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The Legacy of Pasta since 1789.

200 year old pasta company in Gragnano Italy, birthplace of pasta. We offer highest quality pasta in a wide range of shapes as well as Gluten Free pasta. We operate in both Retail and Foodservice. In 2023 we are launching a new frozen pasta line, aiming at bringing to your home freezer a restaurant-grade ready pasta meals.
Garofalo Pasta was founded in 1789 in Gragnano, Province of Naples, when by Royal Decree, Mr. Garofalo obtained the permit for the production and sale of a “well-made pasta” as well as the right to fine any violators. Since those days, Garofalo Pasta had been synonymous with excellence. So much that books and magazines used to refer to “high quality pasta”as “Garofalo-type” pasta. Gragnano, a small town 20 miles south of Naples, has always been linked to the production of pasta since the days in which it was part of the “Kingdom of Naples” Its streets, filled with long spaghetti left to dry and sunny roofs of dried short pasta cuts has long been celebrated by writers, poets and historians as the “home of pasta.” No secret ingredients, full disclosure. You can tell simply by looking at our packaging: nothing to hide, everything to share.

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