Pristine Infotech

Burlington,  MA 
United States
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Grow Happy & Profitable Customers with Presto

Pristine helps independents retain & grow customer base by making the right recommendations that have highest impact on improving sales, and margin. Pristine provides a complete action plan with its integrated platform based on Generative AI across all Pricing, Promotion, Personalized offers, Supplier Collaboration decisions by making actual recommendations for each item, category, zone/market that includes type of promotion, duration, timing and even vendor funding -all these are recommended with high predictability. Though our recommendations are based on your goals, and objectives, our solution also helps retailers with Competitive Pricing, indexing, identifying primary, secondary KVIs, robust Category Analysis, Reports, and Long-Term Competitive Strategy. These features are aided by total business forecast at item, category, market level for sales, margin and unit movement. Having worked with many retailers including grocery, across 12000 stores, we have the experience. We can help you allocate supplier funds appropriately across items, markets, seasons and private brands for additional 1-3% net Margin.  

Brands: Presto - Pricing, Promotion, Personal Offers with Supplier Collaboration Portal

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