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Labor management solutions for efficient teams.

TimeForge is the leading labor management software for grocers.


Our software handles the full employee life cycle (from hiring through offboarding), all from a centralized dashboard that makes labor management easy. 


TimeForge integrates with popular industry-leading POS, HRIS, and payroll solutions, allowing data to be synced between platforms for automated labor optimizations, compliant labor law adherence, and error-free payroll processing.



Owners love the accountability and transparency we offer. We help keep labor costs down through better hiring, scheduling, and retention. We improve your CSAT through consistent service levels and staffing.


Managers love our sales & labor insights, painless scheduling, easy timecards, online documents, integrated logbooks, and team retention tools.


Employees love our self-service access to their schedules and timecards, as well as the ability to swap shifts, pick up available shifts, and input time off requests from their mobile phones.

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 Show Specials

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of the best labor solution in the industry. Converting an entire organization to a new workforce management platform can seem daunting - especially if your teams are already swamped and you're converting from paper processes or on-premise solutions to the cloud. Rest easy. We want to help you take the time to save yourself time.

    TimeForge's white-glove implementations, led by a team of experienced retail Ops & HR professionals, can make all the difference. We'll help you and your team assess your current processes, policies, and structure to ensure that you're compliant with labor requirements, tightened up to eliminate labor waste, and optimizing your labor opportunities for maximum CSAT. We'll train you and your leadership team, assist with communications, and drive intelligent solutions for ROI quickly.

    What comes with a white-glove implementation:

    1. Customized solution recommendation after a consultative demo and requirements conversation.
    2. Labor law compliance assessment and configuration for automation.
    3. Internal communications assessment and tailored plan for store-level and above-store communications.
    4. Project management and strategic plan for adoption.
    5. Weekly status calls and department-specific strategic deep-dives.
    6. Internal change management collateral and customized user guides for stores.
    7. Labor budget configuration and assessment of optimization (and plan for incremental adoption).
    8. Dedicated project owner.
    9. Coordination with your other vendors to facilitate payroll files, point-of-sale synchronization, and more.
    10. More hands-on engagement and personalized care than you know what to do with.

    Do you have 1-5 stores? Receive FREE white-glove implementation from TimeForge's team of experienced retail Ops & HR professionals! If you sign with TimeForge before the NGA show closes, we'll waive your Professional Service fees to get started quickly - setting your store(s) up for immediate success.

    Do you have 6-49 stores? If your organization signs with TimeForge by March 14, you'll receive at least 75% off a white-glove implementation from our team of specialists. 

    Do you have 50-99 stores? If your organization signs with TimeForge by March 26, we'll cut all Professional Service fees related to your implementation by at least 50%. 

    Do you have more than 100 stores? If your organization signs with TimeForge by April 14, we'll cut all Professional Service fees related to your implementation by a minimum of 25%.