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Come meet the survivor who created Chemo Beanies out of love

Https:// Angelle Albright was just 38 years old with 3 small children when she was given a 34% chance of surviving breast cancer. The diagnosis itself was a heartbreaker, but the idea of losing her figure and hair was absolutely heart-wrenching. Her locks of long curly hair were her signature, but faking her exotic hair with a wig in 2005 was not possible. The struggle to find good-looking, good-fitting head covers just didn't exist. Scarves were costly, had to be tied, and refused to stay in place. Her search caused her more anxiety than she could handle.  She lost her dignity and mostly went bald or lived in a comfy bandana that left many parts of her head exposed.  Five years later, she survived thanks to new targeted therapies, and when her sister was diagnosed, she refused to let her suffer the same frustration. She came up with the perfect solution to ease the added burden of baldness for others. A simple, yet stylish alternative to old-fashioned scarf-tying and your grandmother's turban. The unique design provides full coverage and the elastic band in the back keeps it comfortably in place. The built-in neck scarf was designed to invoke the feeling of having hair, without a large knot on the back of their head for long afternoons in the chemo chair. Women should be free to focus on their healthcare, not their headwear.  Each SKU is named after a warrior who inspired us along the way.  American-made, yet priced to afford multiples for fashionable looks over time of treatment.

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  • Chemo Beanies are loved in hospital gift shops, small drug stores, and any gift stores where people shop. Everyone knows someone with cancer and knows how difficult it can be to bring up the subject. Our Chemo Beanies are packaged in such a way that lets the patient know they are loved and the giver doesn't have to say a word. We recommend starting with a mixture of lots of styles because everybody has different tastes.  80% Ruffle and 20% non-Ruffle. Purchase 12 to start and we will make it a Baker's Dozen. Purchase 2 dozen Chemo Beanies and receive a free 12-inch spinner rack.  All orders ship immediately.   Spinner Racks will ship separately from the vendor.  We never require any minimums, and we will buy back any items that don't sell. There's no risk! We want to make you happy. We will help you choose if you like!!!


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