Siheung-si,  GYEONGGI-DO 
Korea (South)
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  • It is the world's first patented eco-friendly mosquito band that delivers pure fever, which is harmless to the human body, to dissolve histamine in mosquitoes, ants, and other pests so that itching and swelling disappear quickly.

    kayone as an eco-friendly corporation is taking off together with customers

    for the health of mankind and public benefit.  

    Since its founding at Korea Polytechnic University in 2014,  

    Kayone has achieved remarkable growth as a wellbeing health corporation by developing

    the world’s first eco-friendly mosquito medicine. 

    Kayone has been tapping into the global market with continuous challenge spirit and

    favorably noticed by many markets in South East Asia, South America, Europe and so on.  

    Kayone puts top priority on customers’ satisfaction through the high class technology, design and quality. 

    Based on the corporate philosophy of trust and honesty, people at Kayone strive night and  

    day with one accord to become a global company that complies with principles and makes steady progress. 

    Kayone promises extraordinary advances and infinite growths as an innovative corporation  

    meeting the needs of the times and shooting for the impossible as an eco-friendly corporation  

    that carries on the harmonious life with nature.  

    Thank you.


    Room307, Billtech KamuKnowledge Industry Center, 59-20 Seoul Daehak-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi, Korea