Kris Christian

Chicago French Press


A multi-passionate, social entrepreneur and former Wall Street analyst, Kris Christian made it her life’s work to deliver creative results and solve challenges through her lens as a millennial influencer and thought-leader.

Kris is passionate about empowerment through personal connections and storytelling. Her own story is what led to founding her most recent venture, Chicago French Press (CFP). A lifelong coffee enthusiast who was tired of overloading her coffee with cream and sugar to make it palatable, Kris created what she wished existed: a collection of premium blends so rich in flavor they barely needed additional sweetness.

Fueled by entrepreneurial savvy, she developed her own blends flavored with natural ingredients to achieve the rich and robust taste she enjoyed. Her goal is to make gourmet, flavorful coffee accessible, so she uses her business to teach others how to brew a delicious cup at home.

Chicago French Press roasts premium, organic coffee in small-batches and flavored by hand in the Windy City. CFP offers 20+ coffee selections as well as a wellness collection of hand-blended loose leaf teas.

Beyond robust brews, CFP is “grinding for a cause”: 5% of the proceeds from each bag sold supports select 501(c)3 organizations in and out of Chicago including the Take Back, The Simple Good, Chi Gives Back, Yo Soy Ella, the Chicago Alzheimer's Association as well as the Room and the Inn - Memphis and the National Legal Defense Fund.

CFP has been featured in Forbes, USAToday, Food Network, Cosmopolitan and HuffPost as a leading brand in the F&B industry. In 2020, the brand opened its first brick and mortar location in the heart of South Loop Chicago and began retailing nationwide in TJMaxx and Marshalls, launching in over 1,600 stores across the U.S and Canada. CFP has been showcased on QVC, broadcasting to more than 350 million households in seven countries and the brand can be found in Target stores across the Chicagoland Area.


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