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Tukwila,  WA 
United States
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Craft energy drinks, juices and smoothies in a breeze! 🌺

Tiki Breeze is a Seattle based brand that was founded in 2019 with a goal of providing healthier and more natural energy concentrates to the coffee market place. Since launching the brand, we have expanded our offerings from plant-based energy concentrates, to a growing line of premium syrups and a full line of smoothie and blending mixes to be your one stop shop for all your cold beverage needs outside of coffee. Today we have helped coffee shops and drive thrus all over the country save money while providing the best taste and quality ingredients for their customers.

Our Offerings:

Plant-based energy concentrates

-feature pure cane sugar and true sugar free options and a variety of botanicals that promote improved health and cognition.

- Over 12+ varieties

Tropical Smoothie Mixes

- Featuring real fruit and over 17+ varieties

Premium Syrups

- Available regular or sugar free

- 50+ Syrup flavors

Beverage Systems

- High Volume Bar Gun Systems with 8 or 14 button options

- Bag-in-box 

Come learn more about our Energy Concentrates, Fruit Fusions, Syrups, Blending Bases, private label programs and our wholesale package pricing in booth 716 at the Seattle Coffee Fest Show!

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 Press Releases

  • Keeping up with demand for cleaner ingredients in blended drinks, Tiki Breeze, a Seattle based brand, launched Super Blend, an all-in-one neutral blending base late in 2021 to be used for smoothies, frappes, and blended energy drinks. The liquid blending base allows users to get the best drink consistency  by adding a couple of pumps in a drink to be blended without compromising the flavors. But why use Super Blend? Because most blending bases come in the form of a powder which contain ingredients such as soy, dairy, artificial flavors or questionable ingredients that are too hard to pronounce. Super Blend is liquid base that is dairy free, gluten free, gmo free and has a short list of ingredients including pure cane sugar, natural flavor and xanthan gum.

    Craft any blended drink without the limitations of allergens. Paulo Asi, the product manager who helped develop Super Blend says “I can't have dairy but the clean ingredients in Super Blend can help craft an Oat Milk Frappe without sacrificing the integrity of flavors in the coffee and oat milk.” He then compares it to different powder brands and says “Other brands are too sweet, have artificial flavors that hides the true flavor of the drink. Most also contain dairy that defeats the purpose of an Oat Milk Frappe to be dairy-free. Super Blend is a product for everyone.” he says.

    For more information and to sample Super Blend, visit the Tiki Breeze at booth 716 in the Seattle Coffee Fest on September 30th to October 1st.


    206 612 8030

  • Tiki Breeze, a Seattle based brand, has developed White Tiki Energy which is a color neutral energy concentrate featuring plant based ingredients and a classic profile found in their original recipe similar to a sweet tart candy. With having a neutral color, mixing different colored flavorings is made much easier and prettier having access to all colors of the spectrum.

    For more information and to sample Super Blend, visit the Tiki Breeze at booth 716 in the Seattle Coffee Fest on September 30th to October 1st.  


    206 612 8030


  • Tiki Breeze Super Blend
    Tiki Breeze Super Blend is an all-in-one blending base for crafting smoothies, blended energy drinks, or frappes. It is made with clean and simple ingredients and blends well with or without milk....


    Tiki Breeze Super Blend allows you to craft any blended drink to perfection. It features a flavor-neutral  profile that is versatile enough for both frappes and smoothies without compromising flavor!

    Why Tiki Breeze Super Blend?

    We at Tiki Breeze are always looking to meet the demands for the growing beverage market; so we developed a clean blending base to enhance the versatility of all Tiki Breeze products. It is also designed to blend harmoniously with other products too! Tiki Breeze Super Blend allows for a better blended drink experience with a simple goal: Cleaner And More Natural Beverages.

    Tiki Breeze Super Blend Features: 

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • GMO Free
    • Vegan
    • No Trans Fats

    • Sweetened with Cane Sugar

    • No Artificial Flavors

    • Shelf-Stable

    • Even More Product per 2L Jug

    Available in 2L / 67.63 fl oz jugs

    Portion Pump Sold Separately.

  • White Tiki Energy Concentrate
    Color Neutral Energy Concentrate made with natural flavors and botanicals....

  • Unlock full access to all the colors of the spectrum with White Tiki Energy Concentrate featuring our classic Tiki Breeze profile that our customers love, loaded with b vitamins and plant botanicals but without any added color. Add any combinations of flavors and colors to create truly unique signature drinks with ease. The concentrate is a 5+1 mix and is available in 2L jugs or bag in box.  

    Tiki Breeze has revolutionized the energy drink, providing healthy, effective and tasty products that will leave your body saying, "Thank you." Delight your customers with the sensational, mouth-watering White Tiki Energy Concentrate!

    Most energy drinks on the market contain unhealthy ingredients. Tiki Breeze ensures all of our drinks are made with premium ingredients, including all-natural botanicals & sugar-free flavors!

    Take a tropical getaway with Tiki Breeze. Our energy drinks will leave you stranded on a beach with our mouth-watering flavors - thoughtfully produced with premium, all natural ingredients. Living healthy and energized has never been breezier!

    White Tiki Energy Concentrate

    Features our original energy drink profile  with plant botanicals and b vitamins.
    Made with Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Caffeine
    from Arabica Coffee, Natural Flavors, and Plant Botanicals. 

    2 liter bottle: 67.63 ounces
    Botanicals: Lotus Flower and Leaf, Rhodiola Rosea Extract
    Each 2 liter Bottle, When mixed 1 part Concentrate with 5 parts soda water
    or water, makes forty eight – 8.4 ounce drink cans.

    Portion Pump sold seperately.