Proper Syrup  

Costa Mesa,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 736


  • Vanilla & Lavender Syrup
    Made from Real Vanilla & Lavender, Cane Sugar and Organic Agave Syrup. All natural color and no artificial preservatives.

  • With decades in the coffee industry, we hated the bad rap syrups got. Why spend so much time, effort and care sourcing incredible varietals, articulating profiles, and dialing in the perfect extraction to pour mediocre syrup in it? It doesn’t make sense.

    As an industry, we figured it out for alternative milks and now they’re genuinely delicious and actually complement our coffee. So why not syrups?

    That’s why we created Proper—a truly natural syrup that doesn’t sacrifice taste, texture, or integrity. We proudly make Proper from real, organic ingredients and have specifically tailored our recipe to support the unique flavor profile of specialty coffee. Whether it’s espresso, cappuccino, a latte, pour over, or some out there varietal from who knows where, we’re here to do our part in making sure your syrup never sucks.

    This is Proper.