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Welcome to ETAP Design, Operation & Automation of Smart Grids

 ETAP Solutions for Microgrids, Transmission, and Distribution Networks allow engineers, operators and managers to design and operate the electrical power system from high voltage to lower voltage end points. 

Brands: ETAP ADMS™, ETAP Grid™, ETAP Real-Time™


  • ETAP Network Modeling & Analysis
    A powerful set of analytical tools that allow for simulation, prediction, design and planning of system behavior.


  • ETAP Network Modeling & Analysis leverages an integrated logical and geospatial electrical digital twin foundation to plan, configure, manage, visualize and analyze electrical distribution networks. Quickly and easily, build 3-phase and 1-phase AC and DC network one-line diagrams and GIS views with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation and grounding components. A powerful set of analytical tools that allow for simulation, prediction, design and planning of system behavior. 

    Unbalanced Load Flow 

    Calculate bus voltages, branch power factors, currents, and power flows throughout the electrical system.  

    • consider swing, voltage regulated, and unregulated power sources   
    • connect multiple power grids and generators  
    • perform analysis on both radial and loop systems  

    Time Domain Load Flow 
    Simulate varying load and generation in the system and solve the steady state power flows over a function of time.  

    • Load growth planning  
    • Renewable Energy assessment   
    • Consider unlimited loading and generation patterns   
    • Define seasonal variations including holiday adjustments  

    Unbalanced Short Circuit 
    Simulate unsymmetrical system faults for unbalanced networks  

    • Unified AC & DC fault simulation  
    • 3-Phase unbalanced and 1-Phase networks  
    • Run and evaluate all fault types in one study  
    • Shunt, series, and simultaneous faults  
    • Fault current as function of time with AC & DC decay  
    • Simulate protective device responses to fault currents and configuration changes  


    Reliability Assessment 
    Assess availability and quality of power supply at each customer service entrance  

    • Calculate reliability energy (cost) indices  
    • Calculate system reliability indices  
    • Calculate bus and load point reliability indices  
    • Model reliability characteristics of each component  
    • Rank element contributions to energy (cost) indices  


    Simulate harmonic current and voltage sources, identify harmonic problems, reduce nuisance trips, design and test filters, and report harmonic voltage and current distortion limit violations.  

    • User-expandable harmonic source library  
    • Model voltage & current harmonic sources  
    • Consider harmonic source magnitudes & phase angles  
    • Global, local & individual location compliance rule book for voltage & current distortion  


    Ground Grid Systems 
    Design and analyze ground protection, quickly and accurately.   

    • Flexible design methodologies for quick auto-designed layouts or very detailed schemes.   
    • Fast analysis of irregular large-scale renewable applications  
    • Color-coded graphical plots  
    • Automatically generate a two-layer soil model from soil measurement data 

    Cables & Lines  
    Design cable & line systems to operate to their maximum potential while providing secure and reliable operation.  

    • Calculate cable sizing, cable pulling tension, thermal analysis  
    • Perform line sag & tension calculations  
    • Analyze line impedance constants & ampacity  

    Load Allocation  
    Calculate unbalanced load allocation and non-technical loss  

    • Estimate individual loads on a feeder based on load classes, load type, load curve, and load measurements  
    • Integrates with transmission state estimation to provide a unified and complete picture  
  • ETAP Advanced Distribution Management System
    An intelligent decision support platform with a collection of geospatial-based distribution network apps integrated with mission-critical operational solutions to manage distribution networks & smart grids. ...

  • Model-Driven Planning, eSCADA, DMS & OMS Solution  

    ETAP ADMS offers an intelligent and robust decision support platform based on a unified Digital Twin of the electrical network with a collection of geospatial-based distribution network applications integrated with mission-critical operational solutions to reliably and securely manage, control, visualize, and optimize small to vast distribution networks and smart grids.  

    • Integrated electrical asset information with network connectivity & visualization  
    • Predictive analysis for what-if & future conditions  
    • Advanced decision support analysis & adaptive optimization applications  
    • Improved system outage response time & reduced restoration cost  
    • Reduced downtimes & operational risks  
    • Improved system safety & security through real-world simulations  
    • Accelerated dispatcher operation training  
    • Command & control of substation assets  
    • Built-in Cyber Security  
    • Secure grid management developed on a secure-by-design platform  
    • Shared network management & visualization platform with extended field mobility  
    • Robust integration with any legacy protocols and OEM hardware  
    • Enabled implementation & integration with 3rd party platforms  

  • ETAP Operator Training Simulator (eOTS™)
    ETAP's OTS facilitates improved operator training through real-world experiential learning and evaluate contingency response to steady-state and dynamic scenarios for applications such as PMS, EMS, GMS, load shedding, and load demand controls. ...

  • ETAP Operator Training Simulator facilitates improved and augmented operator training through real-world experiential learning and evaluate contingency response to steady-state and dynamic scenarios for applications such as PMS, EMS, GMS, load shedding, and load demand controls.  

    • Accelerate operator & engineering training  

    • Virtual test of operator & controller actions  

    • Simulate & track the sequence-of-operation  

    • Ad hoc & pre-defined evaluation scenarios  

    • Avoid inadvertent outages caused by human error  

    • Improve & develop operator competency  

    • Trainer-to-Trainees learning environment  

    • Software-in-the-Loop system simulation  

    Operator Training Simulator  
    A model-driven power system training simulator mimics the sequence-of-operation scenarios using real-time data to perform and validate actions such as generator synchronization, load shedding, configuration switching, motor startup, and more.  

    Preventive Simulation  
    Preventive analytical modules provide automated alarms and warnings to the operator on possible events such as generator outages, contingencies, and suggest remedial actions.  



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