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SUBNET offers cybersecurity software solutions making critical infrastructure more secure and intelligent.

We provide innovative interoperability solutions that combine the latest in SUBstation technologies with modern-day NETworking and computing technologies, enabling electrical utilities to build a smarter, more effective grid.

Through our Unified Grid Intelligence (UGI) software solutions, SUBNET will improve the utility's NERC CIP compliance, overall grid reliability, and future-proofing infrastructure for anticipated growth in grid monitoring.

SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence solutions are based on our 4 flagship products:

PowerSYSTEM Center™  |    PowerSYSTEM Server™

SubSTATION Server™     |     SubSTATION Explorer™

Brands: SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence solutions are based on our 4 flagship products : PowerSYSTEM Center™ | PowerSYSTEM Server™ SubSTATION Server™ | SubSTATION Explorer™


  • PowerSYSTEM Centre

    With PowerSYSTEM Center utilities are able to securely and centrally manage their large install base of many different intelligent electronic devices deployed throughout their entire transmission and distribution system.

  • With PowerSYSTEM Center utilities are able to securely and centrally manage their large install base of many different intelligent electronic devices (meters, relays, RTUs, etc) deployed throughout their entire transmission and distribution system. Used by dozens of the largest T&D companies in North America for NERC CIP IED access control, PowerSYSTEM Center is a multi-function IED management solution that supports several additional functions including: unified relay event file collection and archiving, unified password management, unified asset monitoring and unified data historian interfaces.

    PowerSYSTEM Center is a powerful multi-vendor, multi-function IED management solution. Five key modules are currently supported, each capable of unifying management of a host of different vendor’s IEDs typically deployed throughout the power system.


    * Protect substations from cyber attacks and comply with NERC CIP regulations with centralized secure remote IED access to virtually any vendor’s IED with My IEDs.

    * Save integration time and money by leveraging existing IT infrastructure to help meet NERC CIP regulations.

    * Implement the industry’s most reliable secure dial-up solution with DialupGUARDIAN to assist in meeting NERC CIP requirements.

    * Save time and avoid manually documenting substation access by taking advantage of automated logging and auditing.

    * Utilize near real-time access to centrally archived fault records from multiple vendors to improve substation reliability and mitigate further disturbances.

    * Centralize and secure access to browser-based IEDs with My Substations.

    * Proactively predict and avoid device failures with centralized asset monitoring and analysis of your key power system assets using My Assets.

    * Maximize your investment in monitoring and diagnostic equipment by consolidating data within My Assets for a more holistic view of substation operations.

    * Apply analytics to fault record data to accurately monitor breaker conditions such as wear, mechanical/electric operate time, along with numerous other parameters without adding additional cost or equipment.

    * Access both operational data and non-operational data to help make smarter business decisions.

    * Get more value out of your existing historian investment, long term trending information provided by PowerSYSTEM Center can avoid costly disturbances and predict pending device failure.

    * IED password management allows users to effortlessly maintain passwords to meet NERC CIP requirements.

    Features of PowerSYSTEM Center

    * Centralized approach minimizes administration and maintenance time and costs.

    * Central server architecture allows for multiple vendor applications to be installed and maintained on one centralized server -- not individual user PCs -- reducing administration costs and time.

    * Single access point between substation WAN and corporate network simplifies configuration management and increases firewall and router security.

    * PowerSYSTEM Center’s acting as the gateway to substation IEDs minimizes introduction of malware, virus and other undesirable software, as better control and safe guards can be implemented than is typically possible on roaming user PCs.

    * A centralized PowerSYSTEM Center can also become a domain controller, patch management server, anti-virus server, along with numerous other functions to further protect substation IEDs.

    * Leverages existing IT knowledge and infrastructure to implement a reliable and secure solution.

    * Built on widely used technologies worldwide such as Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server®, Terminal Services, Share Point, Citrix® and other common architectures.

    * Supports Single-Sign-On, plus many multi-factor authentication technologies, including: RSA, smart cards, and biometrics.

    * Secure encrypted communications through SSL/TLS.

  • PowerSystem Server
    PowerSYSTEM Server is a Front End Processor (FEP) solution that enables more comprehensive real-time collection and secure access to the information available in an electrical utilities’ intelligent PowerSYSTEM and grid monitoring devices....

  • SUBNET’s system intelligence products, PowerSYSTEM Server and PowerSYSTEM Center, are designed to be deployed at a centralized location on the utility enterprise. These two SYSTEM intelligence solutions help convert a power system full of smart substations into a Smart Power Grid. System intelligence unifies the source of real-time information to any utility business
    system that requires it, enabling timely, informed and secure operation of the entire power system.
    These SUBNET PowerSYSTEM Intelligence solutions are also easily upgraded, and evolve with technological change as needed.
    Benefits of PowerSYSTEM Server
    * PowerSYSTEM Server’s large, advanced library of SCADA protocol drivers and integrated security capabilities allows utilities to have unparalleled real-time visibility of their entire transmission and distribution system.
    * It provides a cost effective solution to upgrade your existing SCADA Front End Communication process, while helping utilities meet their Smart Grid goals and objectives, and today’s security and reliability regulatory requirements.
    * PowerSYSTEM Server can also be used as a non-SCADA FEP to collect and interface previously stranded IED data directly with utility data historians and asset management systems, independent of and without burdening a utility’s SCADA system.
    * Multi-function FEP solution that performs data concentration, protocol translation, centralized event file collection and enterprise data integration.
    * PowerSYSTEM Server unifies the centralized real-time SCADA and non-SCADA data collection for your entire grid. It is able to serve this real-time information to a variety of utility business systems including SCADA systems, data historians, asset management systems, etc.
    * High-availability, redundant PowerSYSTEM Server solutions provide the reliability you need for these critical applications.
    * Avoid the limitations of many SCADA vendor-specific FEPs with PowerSYSTEM Server’s true multi-vendor communication capabilities.
    * PowerSYSTEM Server enables utilities to get more out of their existing IED investments by helping to deliver all the important data they contain directly to the people that need it, versus having them go to the substation to get the data.
    * Implement more effective condition-based management of aging power system assets using PowerSYSTEM Server to provide greater real-time and historical visibility of all the equipment monitoring information available from IEDS .
    * PowerSYSTEM Server enables utilities to seamlessly migrate and evolve with technological change due to its wide support of legacy protocols and advanced support of today’s most popular and future communication solutions such as DNP3.0 and IEC 61850.
    * Avoid technological obsolesce issues of traditional integration solutions with PowerSYSTEM Server which leverages, and evolves with, mainstream networking and computing technologies.
    * Scalable software enables solution support ranging from small distribution utilities to extremely large transmission companies.
    Configuration Tool Features
    Intuitive, Windows-based graphical configuration tool supports online and offline device configuration.
    Supports easy-to-use visual drag-and-drop configuration interface.
    Use Microsoft Excel to easily manage large point configurations.
    Customizable user interface letting users define very basic or extremely detailed information views.
    Integration Troubleshooting Features
    Integrated communication diagnostic tool allows viewing of raw communications data for any connection to aid in troubleshooting communication problems.
    Protocol Communications Features
    Large library of richly implemented SCADA Master and Slave Protocols.
    Expansive protocol source code library enables straightforward implementation from over 40 additional legacy protocols on an as-required basis.
    Local/remote control lockout of SCADA controls.
    Industry’s most advanced SEL protocol communication support with complete auto-configuration.
    Support for flexible parsing of SEL ASCII, generic ASCII and binary-based communications for unique devices.
    Security Features
    Integrated Microsoft security capabilities to facilitate NERC CIP compliance.
    Single Sign On / Multifactor Authentication.
    SSL/TLS Encryption Capabilities.
    Secure authentication and encryption of IED pass-through communication.
    Supports Secure Automated File Transfer.
  • SubSTATION Server
    Make substations more intelligent with SubSTATION Server, the most advanced, versatile and secure substation data management server available. The integration solution of choice for over 100 utilities worldwide....

  • Any Device to one Unified SubSTATION Intelligence System

    SubSTATION Server and SubSTATION Explorer are designed to be deployed at substations. These two STATION intelligence products help convert substations full of smart relays and smart meters into a smart substations. The goal of STATION Intelligence is to unify the information from any Field Device while making the information more intelligent and secure. SUBNET’s SubSTATION intelligence products are easily upgradeable software applications, so as substation technology moves forward, electrical utilities can keep up with the changes without having to upgrade or replace their existing IEDs.

    Because of SubSTATION Server
    SubSTATION Server is a multi-function software application that performs data concentration, protocol translation, automation logic, event file collection and enterprise connectivity. 
    SubSTATION Server is a powerful multi-function substation integration solution that replaces outdated RTU data concentrators, relay communication processors and other legacy integration devices. 
    Save utilities time and money by eliminating the need to purchase, configure and maintain multiple different legacy integration devices. 
    Avoid limitations of IED vendor-specific integration devices with SubSTATION Server’s true multi-vendor integration capabilities that support rich integration for virtually all major IED vendors. 
    Enables utilities to get more out of existing IED investments by helping them avoid unnecessary IED upgrades and replacements just to add new IED communication or security functionality.
    Save time driving to substations to communicate with IEDs - use SubSTATION Server’s secure remote access functionality (NERC CIP compliant).
    Mitigate the effect of substation outages with automated collection of Relay Event Records with timely and informed restoration actions.
    Use SubSTATION Server’s advanced redundancy capabilities and implement a reliable and seamless upgradeable automation solution.
    Avoid technological obsolescence issues of traditional substation integration solutions with SubSTATION Server which leverages, and evolves with, mainstream networking and computing technologies including Microsoft and Intel, versus proprietary embedded IED vendor computing technologies.
    Scalable software enables solution support ranging from the smallest distribution sites to your largest transmission substations.

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