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CGI welcomes you to DISTRIBUTECH International 2022.

CGI helps utilities achieve their digital transformation objectives through innovative solutions and services focused on optimizing operations and enhancing the customer experience. Serving 250+ utilities worldwide, including 60+ of the top utilities in North America, CGI is one of the largest IT and business process services providers in the world. Over 6,000 dedicated utility professionals apply deep industry knowledge and technology expertise to deliver high-quality business and IT consulting, systems integration, and managed services. Helping utilities maximize the digital strategies and technologies that help transform their business, our CGI OpenGrid360 platform of solutions and services offers a modular approach to ensure a balanced transition to a new agile business model for a more flexible and sustainable modernized grid.

Brands: CGI OpenGrid360, Enterprise Asset Management, Storm management, Data Management, Managed services, Intelligent automation, Grid modernization, Business and IT consulting, Systems integration


  • CGI OpenGrid Asset
    Optimize the reliability, compliance and investment for linear/non-linear assets via a comprehensive registry, automated maintenance rules and procedures driven by regulation, asset health, and criticality....

  • Transform how your assets perform 

    Asset Management  
    Combining technical solutions with asset performance best practices, CGI OpenGrid Asset improves and optimizes asset management by centralizing the complex analytics and insight from data to transform how asset information is collected and analyzed to deliver optimal performance. Its flexible and streamlined approach uses real-time performance data and predictive models to guide your asset management decisions that drive measurable improvements to daily operations and long-term capital planning.

    Asset Investment Planning
    Maintaining your current assets, building new infrastructure due to rising demand, or managing regulatory requirements are just some of the variables to consider when evaluating your asset strategies for long-term financial optimization. CGI OpenGrid Asset incorporates advanced Asset Investment Planning (AIP) to predict, propose, and prioritize your asset maintenance, management, and investment decisions. It ensures that your maintenance, repair, and replacement decisions are grounded on actual asset conditions and the criticality to your operations. 

    Redefine operational confidence for your asset-intensive operations 
    Lapses in operating and maintaining assets can bring about expensive repairs, reliability issues, shortened asset life, and possibly substantial regulatory compliance fines. Through digitization and prioritization, CGI OpenGrid Asset provides an immediate boost in operational performance optimization, aligning business processes with compliance standards such as ISO 55000, PAS 55, and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) strategies.

    Proactively reducing costs and risk through improved communications, automation, and performance, CGI OpenGrid Asset will deliver optimal workflows based on the criticality and health of your assets and infrastructure.

    Learn more:  CGI OpenGrid Asset

  • CGI OpenGrid Work
    Automate the management of work through a end-to-end workflow platform to initiate, design, track, schedule, and reporting on all types of work in the office and out in the field, including construction, customer service, maintenance, and operations....

  • Reach new levels in workflow automation

    To effectively build and maintain a cost-effective yet highly reliable Transmission and Distribution (T&D) network, efficiencies can be leveraged at the technology level. With the right business solution and capabilities, utilities gain the ability to standardize their workflow and reporting processes to create a centralized, accurate view of work order data to improve decision-making and visibility into their capital projects.

    Designed explicitly to address the business needs of electric, gas, and water utility organizations, CGI OpenGrid Work provides a single go-to-source to transform your workflow processes, centralize your work requests and optimize your work execution at an enterprise-level. It combines leading digital capabilities to help deliver a unified platform for faster information processing and immediate visibility and control to ensure all your work is executed efficiently and that bottlenecks are quickly identified.

    Keep your work optimized and your operations efficient
    From initiation to closeout, CGI OpenGrid Work modernizes workflows to consistently and cost-effectively execute all types of work while improving your ability and flexibility to support more complex workflows and phased construction processes. With a set of feature-rich tools, browser based capability, and built-in industry best practices, CGI OpenGrid Work offers a renewed roadmap to new levels in workflow automation and execution.

    Learn more:  CGI OpenGrid Work

  • CGI OpenGrid Workforce
    Accurately analyze business volumes and workforce requirements with tactical resource planning, job scheduling, workflow management, and mobile functionality for intelligent scheduling recommendations based on key organizational metrics....

  • Revolutionize field workforce capabilities

    Your mobile workforce plays a significant role in executing work and asset management plans and can shift how your fieldwork is performed. Empowering them with flexible workflow automation and real-time communications between resources, devices, and back-office systems will boost their performance and job satisfaction. At the same time, safety, compliance, and productivity becomes progressively transformed.

    CGI OpenGrid Workforce is changing the landscape in field productivity and resource optimization with intelligent Mobile Workforce Management automation to meet the growing demands of a virtually connected workforce. Designed for asset-intensive operations, it provides an enterprise-level foundation to extend your decision support and business process management capabilities to the field, resulting in improvements to the overall availability and responsiveness of workload and field resources that contribute to better asset reliability. From customer contact to fieldwork completion, you can manage commitments with confidence by identifying priorities, geographic locations, and the skills necessary to perform any work. Leverage an enterprise view of all your workload and workforce while continuously assessing and optimizing schedules as operational priorities change.

    Modernize your workforce operations with a customer-centric approach
    As utilities modernize and increase their focus on mobility and digitization, including the proliferation of devices like tablets and smartphones, CGI OpenGrid Workforce can deliver the sophisticated automation, process efficiency, and real-time communications flow for maximum efficiencies, worker safety, and uninterrupted service to the customers.

    Learn more:  CGI OpenGrid Workforce

  • CGI OpenGrid Field
    Enhance field operations with an integrated mobility platform supporting the digitization of field work execution and data collection of all work types for enabling true process and workforce unification.

  • Seamless mobility, anytime, anywhere 

    As customer demands increase and the coordination of managing field resources gets more complex, it becomes clear how the value and impact mobile enterprise technology can have on field operations and the organization as a whole. Maximizing your organization’s mobile platform with extended hardware flexibility can help respond to the ever-growing variety of mobile devices available and provide even more opportunities to improve collaboration, communication, and the information they provide to their resources out in the field.

    CGI OpenGrid Field solution brings enterprise-level digitization of work order management, fieldwork execution, and data collection to manage a complex array of work types across a diversified mobile workforce. It ensures your workforce gets the information they need when they need it.  A client-server visualization architecture offers a zero-install footprint for seamless access and sharing of operational data without device, hardware, and software limitations. 

    CGI OpenGrid Field will ensure your process and data is consistent throughout your work order lifecycle. Work order management becomes streamlined as field technicians gain access to a collaborative flow of critical information while integrated maps help visualize their work in relation to the utility’s asset infrastructure. Configurable user-defined forms are easily tailored to respond to variable business processes, data capture requirements, and resource needs to maximize real-time analysis, monitoring, and work order assignments.

    Mobilize and digitize your fieldwork execution 
    Field Supervisors on the go will know where their team is, when work is delivered as well as leverage immediate access to real-time information about the performance of the field operation. CGI OpenGrid Field helps supervisors quickly manage evolving challenges by communicating directly with resources where supervision and safety considerations are essential.  CGI OpenGrid Field excels at providing a complete digital experience for your field workers, empowering them with access to the right information, at the right time, and in the right context so they can focus on completing their work and satisfying their customers.

    Learn more:  CGI OpenGrid Field

  • CGI OpenGrid Network
    Strengthen the outage response and network management process with situational awareness, control, and tracking of end-to-end service restoration efforts for power grid operations....

  • Improve grid reliability from initial detection to full restoration

    With an uptick in severity of storm events, coupled with the need to modernize the grid to strengthen network reliability and safety, flexible modeling capabilities and high-performance incident grouping and analysis are essential to enhancing power distribution operations.  

    CGI OpenGrid Network is a fully integrated network management solution designed to help utilities automate and optimize the outage restoration lifecycle—from initial detection to full restoration. Our digital solution strengthens your outage response and network management process with a real-time critical visibility and control for managing large-scale, high-volume outage events.  Driven by a sophisticated and transparent connectivity model, it provides intelligent analysis of outage call details, incident information, and telemetry data to help you with critical decision-making and resource allocation for emergencies and everyday operations.  

    Advanced automation optimizes the management, preparation, simulation, and validation of complex switch plans, including supporting objects such as tags, permits, safety documents, and planned interruption notifications.  Network management operations can be recorded against as-built or as-is versions of the electric network based on topology imported from geospatial systems (GIS) and supplemented by real-time data from Supervisory Control & Acquisition (SCADA/EMS) or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems.

    Optimize your outage response and restoration ahead of the storm.
    As utilities move from operational to tactical to strategic planning, CGI OpenGrid Network becomes a critical component of its core operations in order to deliver the needed connectivity between its customer-, network-, and organization-centric business objectives.

    Learn more:  CGI OpenGrid Network

  • CGI OpenGrid Foundation
    Leverage a master data management platform and integration layer to help stimulate innovation, industrialize data management and reduce time to market for new solutions....

  • Bringing it all together for accurate visibility 

    The CGI OpenGrid Foundation provides a network reference model and integration layer to enable a single view of a utility’s network across IT and operational technology (OT) systems, delivering a key enabler for providing a data governance strategy for an enduring, integrated digital representation of the network. Delivering data-driven insights from across core systems, CGI OpenGrid keeps systems synced and up to date with accurate and timely data for the continued automation, safety, and reliability of the network.
  • CGI OpenGrid Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
    CGI OpenGrid EAM offers a single integrated platform of modular solutions to digitize the complex and dynamic combination of managing utility assets, work, and resources throughout the entire asset management lifecycle....

  • Driving visibility and performance across the enterprise
    CGI OpenGrid EAM at a glance

    CGI OpenGrid Asset
    Optimize reliability, compliance and investment planning for linear/non-linear assets via a comprehensive registry, automated maintenance rules and procedures driven by regulation, asset health, and criticality.  >  Learn more

    CGI OpenGrid Work
    Automate work management through a workflow platform to initiate, design, track, schedule, and report on all types of work in the office and out in the field, including construction, customer service, maintenance, and operations.  >  Learn more

    CGI OpenGrid Workforce
    Accurately analyze business volumes and resource requirements with tactical resource planning, job scheduling, workflow management, and mobile functionality for intelligent scheduling recommendations based on key organizational metrics.  >  Learn more

    CGI OpenGrid Field
    Enhance field operations with an integrated mobility platform to digitize field work execution and data collection of all work types for true process and workforce unification.  >  Learn more

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