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Secure Industrial IIoT Redefined

Skkynet is a global leader in real-time middleware products that allow companies to securely acquire, monitor, control, visualize, and consolidate live process data in-plant or over insecure networks.

In plant, Skkynet offers DataHub® software, an industrial middleware solution that connects to virtually any system using standard protocols to support OPC networking, server-to-server bridging, aggregation, data logging, and redundancy.

For IoT, Skkynet offers Skkynet DataHub® service in Azure.

Brands: IIoT, MQTT, MQTT Broker, DataHub, Azure


  • DataHub® Smart MQTT Broker
    DataHub® Smart MQTT Broker™ middleware aggregates, standardizes, and secures your MQTT data. Supports IETF JSON schemas, multiple simultaneous JSON formats, and Sparkplug B. Integrate other protocols—OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus, ODBC, DDE—with any MQTT client.

  • Using the DataHub® Smart MQTT Broker™ middleware you can aggregate, standardize, and secure your MQTT data.  It offers quick, automatic parsing based on IETF JSON schemas, and supports multiple simultaneous JSON formats, as well as Sparkplug B.  DataHub technology lets you connect any MQTT client to any supported protocol – OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus, ODBC, DDE and more.

    Aggregate, standardize and secure your MQTT data

    With the DataHub Smart MQTT Broker middleware you can connect any MQTT Client, then aggregate and normalize the data.  Once the data is aggregated, you can publish the data to any cloud broker, SCADA system, or supported historian. Built-in security lets you prevent or selectively allow bi-directional communications.  What’s more, each point is assigned a quality status, so that every client knows if any MQTT client connection fails.

    Integrate multiple JSON formats and Sparkplug B

    Connect to multiple MQTT clients simultaneously, regardless of the JSON format they use.  The DataHub Smart MQTT Broker middleware lets you configure multiple JSON formats to simplify integration from your field devices. Smart support for MQTT Sparkplug B means you can respond to errors, resolve failed writes to devices, add data quality information, and keep all applications synchronized, all helping to resolve many edge case inconsistencies.

    Leverage IETF JSON schemas

    Unlike most client applications, where each MQTT message must be individually parsed, the DataHub Smart MQTT Broker middleware supports the IETF draft specification for JSON Schemas, which enables automatic parsing that is not only quick, but future-proof to any changes in data.

    Not your typical MQTT Broker

    There is nothing else like it. Although many MQTT brokers are available, none offer an out of box connection to OPC UA, DA, Modbus TCP or ODBC. Incorporating these protocols, the DataHub Smart MQTT Broker middleware makes MQTT an integral part of any new or legacy system. 

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