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The CyberLock access control solution was designed to increase security, accountability, and key control in critical infrastructure sites. Although power utility access points are often located in remote areas with a lack of power supply, CyberKey smart keys provide all the power to the lock cylinder, eliminating the need for hardwiring or cabling. Cost-effective electronic cylinders retrofit directly into existing hardware on doors, cabinets, or perimeter gates and programmable CyberKey smart keys provide personalized access privileges for each user. Audit trail records in CyberAudit-Web software help U.S. power facilities meet the required NERC and CIP standards of physical security and documentation. CyberLock offers weather resistant products that can withstand extreme weather conditions. CyberLock’s latest release, the IP68-rated Blue padlock, is designed for high-security applications in the power industry, but remains convenient with five different ways for users to gain access.   

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  • CyberAudit-Web software
    CyberAudit-Web is the powerful software suite for management of CyberLock systems. CAW allows you
    to assign keys, set expirations, add new cylinders, monitor staff and contractors, create access schedules,
    and generate audit trails and custom reports....

  • CyberAudit-Web (CAW) is the powerful software suite for management of CyberLock systems. CAW, together with an array of mobile applications, grants the ability to assign keys, set expirations, add new cylinders, and create access schedules, in the office or on-the-go.
  • CyberLock Blue Padlock
    CyberLock Blue padlock delivers keyless access control with the reliability and precision demanded by critical infrastructure and high-security industries. The weather-resistant design can be trusted to perform in the most unforgiving environments....

  • CyberLock Blue padlock is a multi-credential, keyless access control solution designed specifically for critical infrastructure and other high-security applications. Many of our most important critical infrastructure sites are in remote areas, exposed to extreme weather conditions. The organizations that serve and support these sectors, including power and water utilities, airports, and transportation departments, require high-security keyless solutions that can be relied on to perform in virtually any environment. The IP68-rated design of the CyberLock Blue padlock protects against intrusion from dust, dirt, sand, and water, allowing users to deploy with confidence in harsh environments and unforgiving weather conditions.

    Personnel and security needs vary greatly from one application to the next. CyberLock Blue padlock supports both hardware and software-based keyless credentials, delivering scheduled access control in online and offline locations alike. For each user in the system, administrators can select a credential tailored to their specific job duties. Temporary and remote personnel that can’t return to the office can be efficiently managed by issuing scheduled access directly to their mobile device using the Cyber Access mobile app. For organizations that restrict mobile access or simply want to retain a hardware-based credential, CyberLock Blue also supports infrared access at the touch of a button via fobs and select CyberKey smart keys. Organizations that use CyberLock’s key-centric lock cylinders and FlashLock keyless access control devices will appreciate the flexibility of mixing and matching keyless mobile credentials, CyberKey smart keys, and fobs to adapt to the varying needs of its personnel.

    Risk management is a top concern for every critical infrastructure operation. When added to the powerful CyberAudit-Web software platform and its patented Dynamic Tags software enhancement module, access to sites secured by CyberLock Blue can be automatically revoked when a user’s safety or training certification expires. Whether it’s an access to a high-voltage substation, or a shutoff valve for a metropolitan water supply, customers can depend on CyberLock Blue to secure the important assets that keep our communities safe. Mobile credentials are verified by CyberLock Blue using 256-bit AES-CMAC challenge–response authentication, offering NIST-recommended security in a convenient keyless format that can be issued and revoked in seconds. Support for both virtual and hardware-based keyless credentials, NIST-recommended authentication, and a rugged, weather-resistant padlock body make CyberLock Blue one of the select few products that delivers on both security and convenience.

  • CyberKey Go
    CyberKey Go improves productivity by updating access permissions in the field via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. A field-replaceable battery eliminates downtime during long shifts and storage of up to 12,000 access events helps meet regulatory requirements....

  • The CyberKey Go smart key expands on CyberLock’s mobile workforce solutions. Our latest Bluetooth-enabled CyberKey is the perfect tool for managing the access rights of personnel that cover large territories or service remote sites. However, any organization that has employees, contractors, or service providers traveling to secured sites can benefit greatly from the mobility offered by CyberKey Go. For organizations whose operations are truly vast, CyberKey Go eliminates key failure concerns during long journeys to remote assets. For example, one customer has contractors that travel over 6 hours one-way in order to service remote sites secured by CyberLock. For such users, a fully charged key is an operational necessity. Fortunately, the CyberKey Go’s 3V lithium CR2 battery can be replaced in minutes, virtually eliminating personnel downtime caused by a depleted key battery. In applications where administrators share keys among multiple users, CyberKey Go eliminates the need to ensure keys are always returned to a charging station.

    Large organizations increasingly rely on an ever-changing roster of temporary contractors, third-party service providers, and seasonal employees. For companies that serve critical infrastructure sectors, in particular, this dynamic workforce presents a daunting task for security administrators who must meet regulatory requirements concerning unauthorized access and visitor identification. CyberKey Go solves many of the challenges presented by a mobile workforce. Personalized access schedules for each user can be conveniently updated by a centralized administrator and sent to keys in the field via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. Remote updating further increases productivity by permitting managers to quickly update work orders in response to emergency situations. CyberKey Go can even be used in connection with CyberAudit-Web’s Dynamic Tags feature. Dynamic Tags can automatically revoke a user’s access rights in response to changing conditions, such as the expiration of a security clearance or safety certification. CyberKey Go can receive this important update in the field, increasing safety and accountability. When CyberKey Go syncs with the CyberAudit Link app running on the user’s phone, the key can download recent audit events to the CyberAudit-Web server, giving managers visibility over recent access events. CyberKey Go stores up to 12,000 detailed audit events, helping critical infrastructure operators meet regulatory recordkeeping requirements. With no battery to charge and fully remote updating, CyberKey Go delivers true mobility to your access control system.

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