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Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC, is the global leader in combining Critical Power Education, Solutions and Services. Our DC Power Specialists work with Utilities and other Critical Power clients to increase reliability, decrease costs and meet compliance. Our 6 divisions plus our hands-on training with Eagle Eye University (EEU) ensure that Eagle Eye is your full critical power solutions partner. Our dedicated divisions include: Battery Monitoring, Stationary Power, Load Banks, Portable Testing, Gas & Ventilation and Eagle Eye Services, LLC. 

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  • Vigilant Next Generation Battery Monitoring System
    Ground-breaking Battery Monitoring System (BMS) for NERC compliance with Advanced Multi-Function sensors that employ critical parameters such as Battery Cell Condition, Battery State of Health and Battery (at) Risk Factor to predict battery condition....

  • Vigilant: Next Generation Battery Monitoring System

    The ground-breaking Vigilant Battery Monitoring System (BMS) with Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors employs several new battery parameters to predict battery condition. Included in these critical parameters are Battery Cell Condition, Battery State of Health, and Battery (at) Risk Factor. These new features are made possible by machine learning algorithms built into the Vigilant.

    The following key battery parameters are monitored and recorded by the Vigilant: string voltage, float current, cell voltage, cell resistance, terminal & connection resistance, cell & ambient temperature, dc ground fault, and electrolyte level.

    Web-Based, Remote Battery Monitoring

    • A key advantage of the Vigilant is how it processes measurement data
    • Rather than simply read and display measured parameters, the Vigilant also uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate the SoH of the battery
    • Measurement data and analysis is done via a built-in web-server, which can be accessed with any browser
    • The web-based software eliminates the need for a standalone software package and is viewable on a desktop or mobile environment

    Predicting Battery Condition

    The Vigilant utilizes several technologies new to the battery monitoring industry to predict battery failure:

    • Battery Cell Condition: Using machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate deterioration much earlier than current Ohmic testing methods
    • Battery State of Health: Algorithms encompassing 12 key parameters to estimate the health of the battery as a whole. It includes measured changes in internal & external factors and in all parameters that could identify a potential reduction in anticipated battery life
    • Battery Risk Factor (RF): Employing individual cell SoH along with temperature and ripple current to better predict risk of battery failures
    • True Float Current: Vigilant’s Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors measure true float current without the remanence and temperature problems of Hall-effect transducers

    Battery Monitoring for NERC Compliance

    The Vigilant-NERC system is Eagle Eye’s complete battery monitoring solution for NERC PRC-005-6 Compliance. This standard requires utilities to document and implement programs for the maintenance of all protection systems affecting the reliability of the bulk electric system (BES).

    Under NERC PRC-005-6, battery maintenance falls under Tables 1-4(f) “Exclusions for Protection System Station DC Supply Monitoring Devices and Systems” with no maximum maintenance interval. This table outlines the monitoring and alarming requirements needed to alleviate periodic on-site maintenance activities.

    Monitoring for NERC Compliance

    The attributes in Table 1-4(f) call out monitoring and alarming of the key battery parameters listed below. The Vigilant complies in monitoring all of these parameters:

    • String Voltage: Provides high and low monitoring and alarming of string voltage at the battery positive & negative terminals.
    • Electrolyte Level: Provides alarming and identification of low electrolyte level for every cell with infrared ELM sensors.
    • Ground Fault: Provides monitoring and alarming for unintentional DC ground fault by measuring earth potential relative to battery voltage.
    • Float Voltage: Provides monitoring and alarming of float voltage at the battery positive & negative terminals to ensure correct float voltage is being applied.
    • String Continuity: Monitors the precise float current in the battery by accurately measuring the potential difference across the cell interconnections, enabling reliable detection if the battery has a continuity fault.
    • Intercell and Terminal Connection Resistance: Provides monitoring and alarming of battery terminal resistance and each intercell connection resistance as independent values.
    • Internal Ohmic Value & Float Current: Provides monitoring and alarming of each cell’s internal resistance against an established baseline.

    Reporting for NERC

    The key element to meeting NERC compliance for battery monitoring is have access to detailed reports that prove compliance to the standard. The Vigilant provides one-click NERC reporting to make this step as easy as possible and remove the guesswork of what needs to be included. Using the built-in web-server, the Vigilant can generate a detailed PDF report.

  • Eagle Eye University - Battery Education
    Trusted to train hundreds of students per year in battery fundamentals and beyond, Eagle Eye University (EEU) offers industry-leading battery training in online, in-person and virtual class formats....

  • Eagle Eye University (EEU) has provided hundreds of students with a world-class, hands-on educational experience in battery fundamentals & beyond that has prepared them for real-life scenarios. As an industry leader, EEU offers online courses, in-person courses at the Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ Mequon, WI headquarters, or on-site training at customer locations. With decades of industry training experience, you can be confident in the hands-on knowledge you will gain from EEU’s proven battery experts.

    Eagle Eye University is trusted by:

    • Fortune 500 Companies
    • Major Utility and Telecom Corporations
    • Government Organizations, including the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
    • And More!

    EEU attendees come from across all industries:

    • Industrial Engineers
    • Operation Managers
    • Power System Technicians
    • Facility Managers
    • Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Managers
    • FAA Technicians

    Whether learning virtually from anywhere in the world, getting hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art battery room, or having us train you in your facility, Eagle Eye University can fit your specific battery training needs. 

  • BC-2500 Industrial Battery Charger
    The BC-2500 is a resilient industrial battery charger built for today’s grid, tomorrow’s grid and beyond. With its high-efficiency, modular and redundant platform design, it answers a wide variety of DC power demands....

  • The BC-2500 Industrial Battery Charger utilizes automotive-grade components to deliver optimal performance across mission critical applications while still maintaining its lightweight construction by being able to remove individual Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs).The BC-2500 is available in 480W or 400W with hot-swappable iPMs, which are available at the following ratings:

    • 24V with ranges 10 – 40 VDC, 0-80 ADC
    • 48V with ranges 30 – 61 VDC, 0-80 ADC
    • 130V with ranges 75 – 150 VDC, 0-64 ADC

    Save time and money by purchasing and maintaining less hardware due to the redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc.) created by having multiple iPMs in a single chassis. This redundancy also means that the charger will survive more instances in the field before any problems can occur. Finally, with all the features that come standard with the BC-2500, you can count on this industrial battery charger taking care of more things so you don’t have to.


    • Circuit boards, wiring harnesses and cases made in the USA for maximum security and reliability!
    • Low DC output ripple current – battery eliminator option standard
    • AC/DC powered UIM for continued operation without AC
    • Heavy-duty steel chassis with high-quality conformal coated circuit boards for moisture protection
    • Convection cooled with wide -40 – 70°C (-40 – 158°F) operating range and no fan failure points
    • High energy efficiency of > 93% at 240 VAC and > 91% at 120 VAC and full load
    • Ground fault detection
    • Universal AC input
    • Battery temperature compensation with controlled limits
    • 16 alarms can be individually enabled/disabled, assigned a delay
    • SNMP alarming and NTP date/time sync via Ethernet or Modbus RS-232
    • Optional digital amp/volt meter for 4-Bay models

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