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Join Us! Our AFLD is a game changer in the utility industry!

EGM’s Meta-Alert grid monitoring platform includes a suite of 3rd Generation sensors which combine fault detection and current measurement capabilities found in earlier line sensors with precise voltage measurement, advanced physical and environmental measurements, and secure communications.  Meta-Alert is the industry’s first holistically designed grid monitoring solution for the entire Transmission and Distribution system.

Brands: Our EGM Meta-Alert system combines accurate fault location detection (AFLD) and current measurements for precise voltage, advanced physical environment, and a secure communications for T&D.


  • EGM Meta-Alert Solutions for Distribution Networks
    The 3rd generation of Distribution applications support distributed energy management, faster outage restoration, and awareness of the grid edge -- have one thing in common: the need for precise electrical parameter measurements in real-time.


  • EGM’s advanced grid monitoring solution is based on a suite of 3rd Generation
    sensors that combine fault detection and current measurement capabilities found in
    earlier line sensors with precision voltage measurement, advanced physical
    environment measurements, and a secure communications network to provide the
    industry’s first holistically designed grid monitoring solution that accurately locates
    problems across the Distribution network.

    EGM sensors include the MSU-X for low-amperage lines and the MSU-1 for self-powered overhead lines. Contact EGM.net for all sensors available for Distribution networks.

    Real-Time, All the Time
    Monitoring, and ultimately managing, a diverse energy mix at the edge of the grid will
    require more than intermittent measurements and involves more than just fault
    detection. Supporting renewables and EVs, and understanding the electrical effects
    of that equipment, requires real-time, all-the-time monitoring of more than just
    current but many precise, time-synchronized electrical parameters such as voltage,
    phase angle, power factor and frequency.
    Improving ADMS with Advanced Analytics
    Operational applications such as ADMS/DMS/OMS will benefit from accurate, timely
    data captured from many points on the network. Specifically, Fault Location, Isolation
    and Service Restoration (FLISR), Distribution Power flow (DPF), State Estimation,
    VVO and Outage Management (OMS) will benefit from real-time precision electrical
    data provided by Meta-Alert sensors and the alerts and notifications available from
    Meta-Alert advanced analytics.
    What Makes EGM

    Real-time, accurate data is
    so crucial to so many
    operational applications that,
    today, utilities are forced to
    rely on “estimates” or
    derived values. We feel it
    does not make sense to
    provide sensors for
    distribution and ignore
    transmission, or provide
    sensors for overhead and
    disregard underground, or
    provide only current-related
    data when accurate voltage
    related data is so vital. At
    EGM, we want to help our
    utility customers improve
    Grid Operations from the
    point of Generation to the
    consumer’s house… and
    everywhere in between.

  • EGM Meta-Alert Solutions for Transmission Networks
    EGM’s 3rd Generation sensors combine fault detection, current measurement with precise voltage measurement, advanced physical environment measurements, and a secure communications network, the 1st holistic grid monitoring solution for T&D networks.


  • Data Security
    The EGM system is a fully secured solution from gathering data by the sensors,
    through secure communications from the field, and ultimately to the presentation
    of information to the user. Our security strategy is guided by NIST’s Cybersecurity
    Framework Smart Grid Profile (Tech Note 2051), which provides the structure for the
    design, development, testing, and documentation of the EGM solution.

    Operating Conditions and Conductor Health
    EGM’s Meta-Alert system provides near real-time operating characteristics such as
    Power (MW, MVA, MVAR), conductor temp, and EMF emissions as well as fault
    detection and vegetation contact. Meta-Alert warns of potentially dangerous
    situations (ice accretion, galloping) and tracks historical overload events where
    cable temperatures have exceeded limits and may have resulted in annealing.

    Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR)
    Dynamic Line Rating is the calculation of a transmission line’s actual current carrying
    capacity. DLR is presented in real time but also as a set of forecasted values. DLR is
    becoming increasingly important as utilities face an increased amount of renewables
    on the Grid and chronic congestion in specific locations.

  • EGM MSU-X for low-amperage lines
    Precision Voltage measurement sensor drastically improves current measurement....

  • Ask EGM about the product details and the benefits of Precision Measurement & Data for ROI.

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