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ETAP® provides a comprehensive solution for generation, transmission, distribution, and microgrid systems. ETAP Grid™ offers an integrated distribution system planning and operations software on a progressive geospatial platform for modeling, simulating, analyzing, operating, and optimizing the performance of the grid. ETAP ADMS™ unifies SCADA, DNA & OMS functionality in a single modular solution.

Brands: ETAP ADMS™, ETAP Grid™, ETAP Real-Time™


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  • Advanced Distribution Management System
    An intelligent and robust collection of GIS-based distribution network applications
    integrated with mission-critical operational solutions to reliably and securely manage,
    control, visualize, and optimize small to vast distribution networks.

  • Intelligent Geospatial Diagram

    A user-friendly environment for creating, visualizing and managing geospatial network databases with built-in capability for direct import of electrical data from a GIS database to dynamically create equivalent feeders while maintaining a complete geospatial view of the distribution system.

    Distribution Network Applications

    DNA is a powerful set of analytical modules that allows the prediction of unbalanced system behavior in response to operator actions and events using real-time and archived data. 

    Distribution State Estimation

    Distribution State Estimation combined with Load Allocation provides intuitive, intelligent, and integrated real-time monitoring of unbalanced distribution systems, including estimation of unobservable subsystems, and calculation of technical and non-technical losses.

    Switching Management

    Switching Sequence / Work Order Management allows the dispatcher to build, simulate, and verify a complete switching program using a fully graphical user interface to execute approved switching programs in one step, while maintaining compliance with safety and security procedures.

    Feeder Balancing & Loss Minimization

    Utilized by planners and operators to minimize system real losses and reduce or eliminate abnormal operating conditions, ETAP ADMS automatically determines the optimal system configuration to achieve multiple user-specified objectives, and suggests locations for new tie-open points based on an advanced switching optimization algorithm.

    Volt / Var Optimization & Control

    VVOC monitors real-time voltages, watts, and vars from LTCs, regulators, capacitors, voltage sensors, and customer meters to optimize and control the desired power factors and voltage targets.

    Load Forecasting

    Predict and trend system loading based on algorithms that adaptively correlate multiple input variables, such as weather conditions, as part of an accurate and reliable load forecasting.

    Fault Location, Isolation, Service Restoration

    FLISR provides operator assistance by identifying probable locations of the fault in the network and recommends the fault isolation and switching actions to clear a fault. Switching plans to restore the supply for unaffected parts of the faulted feeder are presented to the operator for analysis and execution.

    Outage Management System - OMS

    OMS assists in the restoration of power by predicting failures of isolation devices and providing information on outage extent and number of customers impacted; interfaces to third-party applications for Crew Management, Storm Management, and Estimated Restoration Time.

    Planned Outage & Optimization

    A set of load curtailment and optimization applications to schedule and execute planned outages to improve system reliability and switching strategies.

  • Operator Training Simulator - OTS
    Improve and augment operator training through real-world experiential learning
    and evaluate contingency response to steady-state and dynamic scenarios for
    applications such as PMS, EMS, GMS, load shedding, and load demand controls....

  • Operator Training Simulator - Key Feature

    • Accelerate operator & engineering training
    • Virtual test of operator & controller actions
    • Simulate & track the sequence-of-operation 
    • Ad hoc & pre-defined evaluation scenarios
    • Avoid inadvertent outages caused by human error
    • Improve & develop operator competency
    • Trainer-to-Trainees learning environment
    • Software-in-the-Loop system simulation

    Operator Training Simulator

    A model-driven power system training simulator that mimics the sequence-of-operation scenarios using real-time data to perform and validate actions such as generator synchronization, load shedding, configuration switching, motor startup, and more.

    Preventive Simulation

    Preventive analytical modules provide automated alarms and warnings to the operator on possible events such as generator outages, contingencies, and suggest remedial actions. 

  • Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding - iDLS™
    iDLS is a dedicated load shedding solution for power distribution networks.


  • Intelligent Distribution Load Shedding (iDLS) solution is an integrated model-driven controller with real-time operational digital twins to validate, optimize, predict, and manage load shedding for geographically dispersed systems such as Transmission & Distribution networks and Industrial production fields.

    iDLS offers a centralized load management and shedding solution that monitors and makes proactive decisions as to when and how load shedding should be executed to minimize the impact to the grid and its connected customers.

    Key Features

    • Centralized the load shed management
    • Prediction based on operating conditions
    • Minimization of reliability indices impact
    • Optimal load preservation
    • Demand side management
    • Load shedding validation
    • Rotating outages
    • Critical application within DERMs
    • Load curtailment logging & auditing
    • Coordinated with transmission requirements
    • Service restoration
    • Intelligent Controller 

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