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At Intellimeter, we help you understand energy and water use

At Intellimeter, we help our customers understand their electricity, water, gas, and thermal energy consumption. By providing real-time and detailed information, our customers are empowered to make informed decisions to control demand, conserve energy and resources, and reduce their carbon footprint.

At Intellimeter, we help our customers to make their buildings 'EV ready' by overcoming electrical capacity limitations and avoiding costly service upgrades with modern technology.

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  • EVCMC- Electric Vehicle Charger Management
    The i-meter® EVCMC manages the existing capacity in the building, avoiding costly service upgrades. Compatible with any charger ensures that the building capacity is never exceeded, maximizing the energy for EV Charging.


  • Intellimeter has developed the i-meter® EVCMC which is a demand controller for multiple Level II EV chargers. It is meant to share the car charging loads and expand the charging capabilities within the existing building constraints. The i-meter® EVCMC protects the existing infrastructure from overloads, and avoids excessive demand charges. Our EVCMC manages the existing capacity in the building, therefore, avoiding the unnecessary costly upgrade of the buildings' existing electrical infrastructure. It can also save a lot of money in the deployment of EV chargers in new construction by reducing the size of the main feeder. The EVCMC can be used with any charger and ensures that the existing capacity is never exceeded, protecting the building and maximizing the capacity among the EV's being charged.

    Ultimately, the i-meter EVCMC allows building owners to triple the number of EV chargers they’d otherwise be able to deploy, without reworking the buildings' existing electrical infrastructure. The EVCMC combines a three phase 120/208VAC distribution panel board with multiple two-pole 40A breakers as required, one or two i-meter®45, individual contactors for each charger circuit and a controller that is programmable to manage the power and the time allocated for each charger.

    Because of Intellimeter's experience in sub-metering, naturally, we provide a revenue grade, Measurement Canada and California approved and sealed meter which can be used for legal billing purposes for every charger. Intellimeter’s i-meter-45 metering module is at the core of the EVCMC. This is required in order to address the energy cost recovery from the common elements and to monitor the current draw of each of the charging circuits. As a redundancy mechanism, the EVCMC also monitors the mains of the feeder set aside for these chargers.

  • i-meter®-45
    A Multi Multi-Circuit Power Submeter. the i-meter®-45 is a revenue-grade electricity meter approved for revenue metering in the State of California, c-CSA-us approved....

  • The i-meter® 45 is a Multi-Customer Metering System. Capable of metering up to 45 single elements the compact design is great for applications where Tenant or Energy Cost allocation is important. The i-meter® 45 provides critical KwH as well as the ability to monitor Volts, Amps, KiloWatts, Power Factor, Frequency and Harmonics (V, I, kW, kVA, PF, Hz, THD (V/I)). The i-meter® 45 Rail option provides both the contractor and the Installer the ability to save time and money.

    • Innovative Metering Solution
    • Easy to mount and install
    • The modern data centre where virtually every circuit supports a different application
    • 42 circuit panel with 3 mains
    • Programmed for single-phase or poly-phase applications
    • Optional 80-character display
    • Using a preferred communications protocol such as MODBUS, Bacnet, RF or TCP/IP
    • Save valuable space, embed the meter directly in the panel and save on installation time
    • Universal design can be installed directly inside a Distribution Panel of choice
    • Save valuable installation time by being able to snap and plug 4 ribbon cables in place rather than wiring 45 individual current transformers
    • Programmed on-site with a laptop computer
    • Self-powered, low consumption burden
    • Applications: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

    Cost-effective electric meter - Guide energy efficiency audits - Track your energy consumption

  • EVCMC-1
    Ideal for the installation of chargers in single-family homes or individually metered units with or without space In the electrical distribution panel to add a 2 pole breaker for the EV Charger....

  • The EVCMC-1, is an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS) designed to allow the connection of a charger to the main feeder of a home panel without affecting the capacity limit of the main feeder. Unlike the EVCMC-1B-40A and the EVCMC-1B-60A, there is no circuit breaker inside the EVCMC-1.


    Ideal for the installation of chargers in single-family homes or individually metered units with space In the electrical distribution panel to add a 2 pole breaker for the EV Charger.


    The EVCMC-1 -60A has a NEMA 3R enclosure approved for indoor and outdoor installations.


    How it works:

    • The EVCMC-1 allows the connection of any EV charger to a fully loaded panel by managing the energy available at any given time, whether in a home or in a single unit of a commercial or industrial condo.
    • The EVCMC-1 takes a real-time reading of the total power consumption of a home, single dwelling, or single condo unit that is individually metered
    • It detects when the total power consumption of the main circuit breaker exceeds 80% and temporarily de-energizes the charger
    • When EVCMC detects that the total power consumption of the electrical panel is less than 80% for more than 15 minutes it automatically re-energizes the charger
    • The EVCMC will only allow power to be delivered to the EV charger if the total demand of the panel is below its full capacity
    • The EVCMC-1 -60A has the ability to receive and transmit load-shedding instructions from an external energy management system via a dry contact input and output

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