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Itron enables utilities and cities to safely, securely and reliably deliver critical infrastructure services to communities in more than 100 countries. Our portfolio of smart networks, software, services, meters and sensors helps our customers better manage electricity, gas and water resources for the people they serve. By working with our customers to ensure their success, we help improve the quality of life, ensure the safety and promote the well-being of millions of people around the globe. Itron is dedicated to creating a more resourceful world. Join us:

Brands: AMI, smart grid, network, IoT, smart cities, critical infrastructure, gas safety, DA, DERs, renewables, meters, sensors, managed services, MDM, cloud, outcomes, RIVA, Intelis, CENTRON, Gen5, OpenWay


  • Distributed Intelligence
    Gain unprecedented insight into your low-voltage circuits and medium-voltage distribution while increasing customer engagement, safety and efficiency....

  • Distributed energy resources (DERs) are increasingly being placed at the grid’s edge—and it’s now more important than ever to understand their impact on the grid. Today, we have some visibility into medium-voltage distribution and limited insight at the low voltage, secondary level. But with distributed intelligence (DI) from Itron, you can now achieve a new level of distribution system visibility by combining granular data from the grid’s edge with a secure, open-enterprise application platform.

    With edge computing capability, distributed intelligence makes distribution-level decisions in real time, efficiently and effectively, where those decisions—and actions—need to take place. This unique capability provides unprecedented insights into power quality, voltage monitoring, high impedance detection, transformer load management, meter bypass detection, EV and solar (PV) awareness, and much more. And unlike expensive control systems and monitoring equipment, Itron’s DI platform simply uses smart endpoints (meters, devices and other sensors) with peer-to-peer connectivity, leveraging a secure and resilient industrial IoT (IIoT) network, with applications that can be downloaded to devices in the field to solve existing and new challenges.

    Itron DI applications include apps for grid optimization, asset management, distributed energy resource (DER) integration and consumer engagement. Additionally, DI leverages an open platform that supports third-party innovation with an API development kit, enabling an ever-increasing ecosystem of partners to create their own value-driven, custom applications.

    Distributed intelligence effectively moves grid analysis, decision-making and control to the grid’s edge, resulting in a significant reduction in latency of action, greatly improved situational awareness, more accurate analysis and advanced event detection.

  • EV Charging Optimizer
    Itron EV Charging Optimizer is designed for EV program managers and stakeholders, allowing you to set up, monitor and manage a holistic fleet EV charging solution complete with analytics, customer enrollment and charging-as-a-service offerings....

  • Accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption through smart charging management.

    Itron’s focus is on accelerating electric vehicle (EV) charging deployments—and we are doing exactly that by ensuring that charging assets work in harmony across the grid. This enables end customers to better manage their fuel costs (energy) and utilities to protect the grid and deliver reliable service.

    Itron supports EV charging program rollouts for our partners across the major charging segments (fleet, public/semi-public and residential) using software and services to help with infrastructure planning and deployment, and then managing operations to maximize investments. This powerful combination of analytics, optimization and orchestration not only increases operational resiliency and efficiency, but it also ensures the total cost of operations (TCO) is optimized for all project stakeholders.

    Fleet electrification can be a complex, time-consuming process. Starting with a strong planning approach helps fleet owners address their most pressing concerns with solutions that are proven. Itron EV Charging Optimizer helps you start that process and gain control over EV fleets in your service territory. 

  • Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer
    Itron DER Optimizer is for distribution system managers who establish, monitor & manage DER integration programs for residential EV & solar panel (PV) integrations with analytics, real-time insights, consumer enrollment & standardized DER asset control....

  • Built upon the foundation of Itron’s IntelliSOURCE distributed energy resource management system (DERMS), Itron’s DER Optimizer solution enables utilities to expand their legacy demand response programs to include a wide range of DERs, including electric vehicles, smart inverters, battery storage systems and other flexible loads.

    In turn, DER Optimizer’s real-time analytics and optimization engine allows utilities to strategically grow their program portfolio from traditional reliability programs to a wide range of DER-based grid services, including economic dispatch, non-wires alternatives, local grid balancing and microgrid use cases. Itron’s mission is to help utilities turn behind-the-meter DERs into valuable grid assets that deliver improved reliability, resiliency, customer engagement and sustainability.

  • Intelligent Connectivity
    We’re committed to building the largest and most technologically advanced IIoT networks in the world. Build your smart utility and city on technology on a multi-application platform designed to last.

  • With the right IIoT platform, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. There’s no system or network we can’t manage. Just ask more than 1,200 utilities worldwide who trust us to administer 72 million endpoints. We’ll accommodate virtually any level or combination of managed services that fit your needs. We own the outcome you’ve engaged us to deliver for the vision you want to achieve. (We’ll even tie our compensation to your success.)

    • Energy and Water: Make every point in your energy and water distribution network work harder for you.
    • Grid Management: Extend visibility, monitoring and control beyond the substation fence. 
    • Smar Cities: Reimagine how you can deliver new services to enhance quality of life for citizens. 
    • Outcomes: Use distributed intelligence for game-changing visibility and control at the grid edge. 

    With best-in-class technologies, we deliver proven industry-leading performance. Our open standards-based solutions enable seamless coordination across a diverse ecosystem. Deploy innovative solutions designed to last for decades with backward and forward compatibility.

  • Distribution Automation
    Robust and resilient, our multi-application smart grid technology platform enhances reliability and efficiency by extending secure grid monitoring and control outside the substation fence....

  • Maintaining high reliability throughout the distribution grid is one of the highest priorities for electric utilities. Itron empowers you to do exactly that with intelligent communication for the modern distribution grid. 

    • Enhance Resilience and Reliability: Utilize a highly resilient network to increase grid reliability by improving problem identification, real-time decision making, automated outage resolution and reduced truck rolls.
    • Optimize Grid Monitoring and Operations: Integrate high-fidelity data from meters and line sensors to reduce losses, balance load and manage voltage.
    • Simplify Renewable Integration: Leverage complex power flow and load data to improve situational awareness and balance two-way power flows from distributed systems.
    •  Accelerate Utility Storm Response: Quickly retrieve last gasp and restoration alerts to determine outage impact, then leverage DA devices and data analysis to identify faults and restore power.
    Itron Enterprise Edition MDM is a meter data management system (MDMS) for smart utilities and cities around the globe with an enterprise-wide, highly-scalable MDMS architecture. We are providing mission-critical data to deliver business outcomes....

  • With smart networks collecting volumes of information from your residential and commercial electric, water and gas meters, and IoT sensors, deploying a robust data management solution is essential for your success. Providing secure, accurate and reliable data to your upstream systems delivers operational efficiency that revolutionizes and accelerates how business value is delivered.

    • Extending Data for Growth: Utilize AMI data to extend and expand value to innovative use cases like distributed intelligence and smart city applications.
    • Delivering a Data Quality Foundation: Centralize data collection and distribution functions into a single repository to drive business operations and analytic outcomes. 
    • Providing Data Validation: Robust validation, estimation and editing (VEE) for interval and register data to meet data quality standards, supply billing determinants and support non-billing scenarios.
  • Temetra
    emetra™ is Itron's next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution. Through an intuitive web-based interface and powerful mapping functionality, it provides you with new ways to optimize your operations....

  • Temetra was built from the ground up as a cloud-based solution, allowing you to access and modify meter data and assignments anywhere through a simple web login rather than having to maintain locally installed software. All data is securely stored on servers that meet the ISO 27001 information security standard. With full Itron Mobile integration, Temetra provides you with a complete, cutting-edge mobile data collection package in the cloud.

    • Automate meter reading using drive-by or walk-by and Itron’s advanced meters and endpoints
    • Collect visual reads, water probe reads and other valuable meter data
    • Improve meter reading efficiency with map-assisted meter reading on the mobile device
    • Collect and upload meter data in real time 
    • Securely and easily access, store and manage data through the cloud
    • Quickly assign or reassign work based on meter and meter reader location via Temetra Geo-Routing
    • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by providing access to meter history via the Customer Web Portal
  • Intelis Gas Meter
    The Intelis Gas meter is an exceptionally compact and feature-rich ultrasonic solid-state residential gas meter with integrated communications, temperature sensing and internal safety shutoff valve....

  • At only 4 ½ pounds, the Intelis Gas Meter is the lightest residential gas meter available in the North American market. Intelis has 6” center-to-center hub connections so field retrofits are easily accomplished. Intelis builds on Itron’s latest RF communications module, enabling the option for mobile mode or network mode, allowing flexible and migratable operation in AMR or AMI environments. In addition, Intelis is equipped with an internal safety shutoff valve on the outlet of every meter.

    Intelis delivers distributed intelligence to gas metering by providing the ability to self-monitor and shut off the flow of gas during a high flow incident,  independent of operator involvement or the RF reading topology, similar to the function of an excess flow valve. Leveraging Intelis as part of a smart gas communication platform enables utilities to automatically make intelligent decisions across the gas distribution network, delivering opportunities for operational savings and enhanced customer and employee safety by potentially preventing an explosion. 

     Key Features

    • Compact size 
    • Integrated safety shutoff valve with a precision seal that exceeds ASME B16.33 gas tightness guidelines
    • High flow alarm 
    • Air detection alarm 
    • High temperature alarm 
    • Embedded RF communications 
    • +/- 0.5% accuracy at room temperature 
    • UL Class I, Division 1 
    • Retrievable TC and NTC volume 
    • Whisper quiet operation 
    • Measurement Canada approved: AG-0642 
  • Itron Mobile
    Itron Mobile is an add-on module for FCS. This kit is used for collecting data and performing other field activities. It takes advantage of the latest mobile technologies used by utility employees....

  • The Itron Mobile for FCS app runs on smart phones, tablets, and laptops. It is available for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows. Itron Mobile for FCS combines walk-by and drive-by features in a single app and leverages mobile technology to deliver valuable new outcomes. Itron Mobile includes a new handheld radio called the Itron Mobile Radio that can be used with any mobile device equipped with Bluetooth. Itron Mobile Collection Systems, including MC3 and MC4 radios, can be used with the Itron Mobile for FCS app running on a Windows laptop or tablet.
  • Field Collection System (FCS)
    Field Collection System (FCS) is the premier data collection engine for handheld and mobile AMR systems. FCS collects data from multiple meter types and provides accurate, reliable meter data to meter data management and customer billing applications.

  • Field Collection System (FCS) with Itron Mobile is a data collection system designed specifically for today’s utilities. FCS is a state of-the-art, open-architecture software that integrates with Itron networks, existing billing systems and data analytics systems for flexible data sharing and management capabilities. 

    Itron Mobile is a meter data collection kit designed for today’s mobile employee that allows companies to get the most value and efficiency from their field workforce while also enhancing employee safety. Itron Mobile enables laptop, tablet and smartphone meter reading and data collection in a flexible, affordable system that keeps you connected to your mobile workforce throughout the workday. 

    FCS and Itron Mobile combine all the best features from decades of experience with innovative new features that will fulfill your mobile data collection needs, now and in the future.

  • Edge Gateway
    The Itron Edge Gateway is a versatile, highly secure edge computing platform that enables intelligent
    industrial IoT (IIoT) connectivity with Itron’s Gen™5 Mesh, LTE, and PLTE cellular communications
    between field devices and back office systems....

  • The Itron Edge Gateway also delivers advanced distributed intelligence to enable a wide range of critical infrastructure applications, including Distribution
    Automation (DA), Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERM), and Smart Cities. The Edge Gateway can connect, monitor, and manage clusters of new and existing devices or sensors using multiple data interfaces including Mesh, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Serial, and USB.

    Itron provides our customers and partners access to a convenient development environment where they can test and trial their own edge computing applications or download certified apps from a secure Itron-hosted repository.

    Aggregate data from the edge across multiple interfaces: 
    » The flexibility of Gen5 Mesh, cellular, IP and legacy interfaces.
    » Advanced networking, routing, security, and tunnelling protocols.

    Manage network, devices, and applications at scale:
    » Local or back office device management and monitoring.
    » Over-the-air device firmware and application updates.

    Enable various edge applications through distributed intelligence (DI):
    » Reduce network traffic with on-board standard Linux computing for localized application processing and storage.
    » Ubuntu® Core 20 with SNAP capability accelerates edge applications on a secure, open and scalable platform.

    Robust, advanced partner ecosystem
    » Open, standard-based architecture supports agile development of ground-breaking applications.
    » Provides partner program and test environment to support applications development

  • 500 Series ERT Modules
    With over 200 million deployed worldwide, devices are the cornerstone of everything we do—and our customers’ success. Our ERT modules for electricity, gas and water providers are a cornerstone for improved operations, billing and resource management....

  • For gas and water solutions, the Gen5 500-series battery-powered ERT® modules leverage Itron’s long history of ERT module design and can be read under the same multi-purpose Gen5 IIoT network that the smart electric meters utilize. With new features for Gen5 network operation, such as on-demand read from the back office and extended data storage, Itron’s Gen5 500-series ERTs offer additional value while continuing to offer the reliability, accuracy, battery life, security and intrinsic safety that you have come to expect from Itron. 
  • AMI Operations
    Realize operational savings, understand the state of your AMI system and apply corrective actions where and when needed.

  • Your business processes are now dependent on timely and accurate meter data. AMI systems provide data on millions of endpoints and your focus should be on meeting the needs of your customers; not on dealing with AMI data. AMI Operations Management provides the tools, integrated with state-of-the-art data management applications to deliver accurate functional capabilities that enhance AMI operational efficiencies while managing and operating these systems at scale. By integrating seamlessly into your business operations, we take the necessary steps to ensure operational excellence, making your job easier.

    AMI Operations Management consists of various modules:

    • AMI Operations (GenX) utilizes smart meter data, meter events and configuration data to identify and diagnose meter data collection and delivery problems. 
    • Meter Temperature Monitoring (GenX) uses meter temperature readings and/or high meter temperature events to identify meters reporting temperatures over a configurable threshold and provides statistics for assessing temperature history of the meter.
    • Network Operations (GenX) uses AMI network communications attributes network statistics to identify conditions that require operational attention.
    • Operations Optimizer Advanced (GenX) provides a full version of the AMI Operations and Revenue Assurance applications. In addition, this bundle includes Network Operations and Meter Temperature Monitoring use cases.
    • Operations Optimizer Essentials (GenX) provides an excellent introduction to the power of analytics. OO Essentials supports a subset AMI Operations, Revenue Assurance and Meter Temperature Monitoring use cases which allows a customer to get entry-level value with a lower-entry cost.
    • Performance Manager (OpenWay) provides the fundamental components and functional capabilities needed to more efficiently manage and operate an AMI system at scale through operational reporting with integrated visualization, SLA tracking, and automated fault detection and exception management.
    • Revenue Assurance (GenX) utilizes smart meter data, meter events and configuration data to protect against revenue leakage and other non-technical losses by analyzing transformer imbalances and identifying tampered or bypassed meters.
  • Services
    Trust your 20+ year investment to Itron Global Services. We have decades of experience, from consulting and delivery to end-to-end management of your solution. And we'll support you all day, all around the world....

  • We're not just experts. We're your experts. 

    There's no system or network we can't manage. Just ask utilities worldwide who trust us to manage more than 60 million endpoints. From base-level SaaS hosting to completely managing your software and network and delivering SLAs, we'll accommodate virtually any level or combination of managed services that fit your needs. We own the outcome you've engaged us to deliver. (We'll even tie our compensation to your success.) 

    We know our products—and your industry—better than anyone. And as an Itron customer, you'll know that when you work with Itron, you'll work with genuine domain experts—people who understand your business, your challenges and our technology. 

    • 26+ years offering delivery services
    • 450 delivery services experts at your disposal
    • 400 projects managed simultaneously 

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