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San Diego,  CA 
United States
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PXiSE (pronounced ‘pice’), a member of the Yokogawa Group, develops next-generation grid control technology. PXiSE software solutions unlock the potential of distributed generation to improve grid reliability and increase renewable energy output, while helping ensure system balance and power quality.

Brands: PXiSE, Microgrid Controller, Renewable Power Plant Controller, Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)


  • Distributed Energy Resource Management System
    The PXiSE DERMS enables utilities and aggregators to balance simultaneous resource, load, demand, and network constraints while enabling a 100% renewable grid....

  • The PXiSE DERMS helps utilities control the increase in renewable energy assets, batteries and electric vehicles. It coordinates both front-of-the-meter (FTM) and behind-the-meter (BTM) distributed energy resources (DERs) alongside traditional grid components on a single network through an integrated software platform that controls the dynamic two-way flow of energy. 

    Gain visibility and control  

    Take control of all DERs on your system. Remotely communicate with and control a combination of FTM and BTM DERs quickly and securely. 

    • Compensates for load changes by coordinating utility-owned assets alongside customer-owned assets across the grid  
    • Mitigates intermittency and coordination challenges by optimizing the energy mix of all DERs under its purview 
    • Facilitates direct control of DERs and can create a marketplace for DER participation  
    • Perceives the system as a whole—identifies opportunities to shape, shift and balance power across the whole system rather than solely at the point of generation or demand 

    Our software: 

    • Meets and exceeds security protocol standards for both physical and cyber threats and attacks • Offers significantly reduced deployment time and cost through a pre-integrated IEEE 2030.5 DER communications server 
    • Meets compliance needs with role-based authentication (e.g., a grid administrator)and multi-factor authorization  
    • Interfaces with existing operating technologies (SCADA, weather forecasting services, DMS and OMS) to provide network topology, configuration status, load DER status, and real-time system operations data in a single, centralized dashboard 

    Increase hosting capacity  

    Expand local hosting capacity and scale to control tens of thousands of DERs, microgrids, and fleets of storage and renewable assets in one system. Ensure full value to your customers without costly infrastructure upgrades or increased electricity costs.

    • Highly customizable business rules related to curtailments.

    Scalable, modular platform  

    Start small with highly impacted communities such as remote or rural towns, constrained substations, or areas with rapidly growing DER and EV adoption.  

    • Easily re-optimized as tariffs, market conditions, and the asset mix change  
    • Promotes longevity as it is built to industry standards rather than a customized solution  

    Patented, reliable automation  

    • Patented AI clustering technology creates demand forecasts that continuously analyze historical demand and weather data to derive an operating plan for anticipated demand  
    • Recalibrates the operating plan through autonomous optimizations that maximize renewable generation, cost savings, and system efficiency  
    • Network aware optimization considers voltage and capacity limits, topology, and energy resource characteristics to ensure the system converges to an optimal solution rather than merely the fastest or easiest to initialize  

    Zero inertia operation  

    PXiSE has the only DERMS with zero inertia operating capabilities through its innovative ability to safely and effectively manage generation ramp up/down and generator on/off while simultaneously coordinating and dispatching renewables and storage. 

    •  Offers simultaneous rather than sequential control of multiple interdependent grid variables (energy, voltage, network constraints) through a complex algorithm  
    • Leverages the rapid response of batteries to mitigate renewables’ intermittency, rather than relying on slow-moving generators 

  • Microgrid Controller
    The PXiSE Microgrid Controller is hardware agnostic software that works with existing assets to improve equipment efficiency, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades....

  • The PXiSE Microgrid Controller helps utilities, campuses, and communities manage and coordinate localized DERs and loads by independently balancing real and reactive power, and efficiently dispatching resources for resiliency, power quality, and economic benefit. 

    Power assurance and control  

    Maintain reliable, renewable power during any type of expected or unexpected grid event without sacrificing power quality or consistency.  

    • Seamless islanding and continuous reconnection opportunity monitoring 

    • Get actionable insights into grid efficiency and locational constraints with the means to control, calibrate and optimize  

    • Maximize allowable power output and stabilize voltage at POI with precision control 


    The Controller identifies deviations in facility current, voltage and frequency and manages local voltage fluctuations and excursions to prevent blackouts.  

    • Independently controls real and reactive power  

    • Stabilizes the grid by coordinating and dispatching assets in real time to compensate for sudden load changes  

    • Proprietary predictive analytics engine forecasts and dispatches assets 

    Unlimited distributed energy resources (DERs)  

    Reach your renewable generation goals without compromising power quality or safety. Built-in AI ensures power quality of intermittent assets.  

    • High-speed phasor measurement units (PMUs) operating at 60 Hz match load and weather forecasts to real-time data  

    • Optimized timing of renewable generation and state-of-charge of the battery system enable maximum renewable generation and minimal curtailments  

    • Manage a diverse mix of DERs individually, as groups, and as a holistic system 

    Economic benefit  

    Decarbonize your business by electrifying your equipment while keeping costs down. 

     • Easily configurable system enables you to meet business needs while autonomously balancing load requirements against rate structures  

    • Participate in real-time and day-ahead energy market programs  

    • Maintain optimal conditions for sensitive equipment by autonomously mitigating deviations in facility current, voltage, frequency, and other measured data  

    • Behind-the-meter energy savings and wholesale export optimization 

  • Renewable Power Plant Controller
    Maximize ROI by unifying solar, wind, and energy storage assets under one platform....

  • The PXiSE Renewable Power Plant Controller helps large energy generation and storage portfolio owners, developers, and EPCs optimize the efficiency and production of any combination of front-of-the-meter (FTM) and utility-scale behind-the-meter (BTM) renewable energy assets. 

    Integrated controls 

    Bring clarity and reduce the cost of operations through direct, real-time asset monitoring and optimization that consolidates disparate system controls and visualizations into a single platform.  

    Scalable, adaptable, and proven  

    Manage any number of diverse resources and inverter types remotely or on site and easily scale as you grow. 

    Reduce costs, maximize revenue  

    Guarantee the delivery of a fixed amount of energy even with intermittent renewables. 

    Combat intermittency issues 

    • Synchronized high-speed power control, including PV smoothing/ramp control and energy shifting. 

    • Smooths intermittency - constant dynamic adjustment of power generation and storage assets to maximize profit – even on difficult days.  

    • Forecasting - predicts intermittency and optimizes storage assets in response.  

    • Low latency - augments predictions with fast, autonomous responses to real-time conditions.  

    • Mitigates voltage and frequency fluctuations caused by solar or wind intermittency.  

    Our software: 

    Independently controls real and reactive power.  

    • Autonomously adjusts to demand response program and peak-load energy shifting parameters.

    • Protects equipment and extends the life of capacitors, inverters, relays, and gears.  

    • Reduces capacitor quantities needed to manage power quality. 

    High-speed, high safety, high returns 

    Precise, intelligent control of voltage, frequency, and real and reactive power.  

    • Processes and reacts to phasor measurement unit (PMU) data 60x per second.  

    • Synchronized rapid commands to individual inverters maximize limited capacity while preventing overloading transformers.  

    • Back-up system uses economical breakers instead of expensive relays to safely manage power flow.  

    • Minimizes distortion between DERs and the point of interconnectio

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