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SAE is a North American best-in-class manufacturer that specializes in solutions for Electrical Grounding, AC Mitigation, and Cathodic Protection. SAE’s innovative design techniques and product technologies combined with the leading-edge expert knowledge and extensive field experience to get you what you need for reliable grounding and safety protocols.

SAE’s grounding products and electrodes are designed for high performance, extremely long lifetimes, maintenance free reliable operations and are inherently resistant to theft.

Brands: ConduDisc, ConduRod, ConduCrete, ConduWire, ConduForm, ConduFlow, Electrical Grounding, Lightning Protection, Conductive Backfill


  • ConduDisc
    Corrosion Proof Ground Plate with Improved Safety Performance
    ConduDisc is a fully NEC compliant conductive grounding plate that dramatically enhances the performance & longevity of utility grounding systems while virtually eliminating electrode corrosion....

  • The ConduDisc is a conductively encased galvanized metal plate that improves grounding performance and network reliability over existing traditional methods.

    ConduDisc  |  The Reliable Solution 

    By using the corrosion proof ConduDisc grounding electrode instead of a traditional ground rod, you will benefit from: 1. Improved safety during installation and network maintenance and fault performance. 2. Better asset protection and reliability by ensuring protection devices function as designed and reduction in resistance to ground. 3. Reduced installation time and costs from a 90% time reduction. 4. Lowest lifecycle cost due to elimination of typical maintenance and replacement needs. 

  • ConduCrete
    Conductive Backfill that Significantly Reduces Electrode Corrosion
    ConduCrete is a conductive cementitious and carbonaceous material that dramatically enhances the performance, reliability and safety of grounding and cathodic protection systems....

  • ConduCrete simultaneously absorbs and releases high rise time electrical surges into the ground. 

    ConduCrete  |  The Dependable Solution 

    By using a ConduCrete grounding system compared to traditional methods in use today, you will benefit from: 1. Increased safety by efficiently dissipating lightning or other surge energy. 2. Better asset performance through reduced ground resistance. 3. Lower overall cost by extending the life of the grounding system by up to 20x that of a traditional system. 4. Decreased theft as ConduCrete can cure into a 4,000psi concrete state.

    Why Choose ConduCrete? 

    ConduCrete significantly improves grounding system performance and longevity alongside it’s superior lightning dissipation characteristics. An eco-friendly, maintenance free solution to your grounding needs. Suitable for installation in any climate, at any time of the year. Protect your assets!

  • ConduWire
    Conductive Jacketed Wire that Dramatically Extends the Life of any Grounding System
    ConduWire is an extruded, conductively coated grounding wire that dramatically extends the life of any grounding system by virtually eliminating wire corrosion....

  • ConduWire is as flexible as bare wire while protecting from theft and corrosion

    ConduWire  |  The Durable Solution

    By using ConduWire as your grounding conductor compared to traditional materials used today, you will benefit from: 1. Increased life-cycle by significantly reducing electrode corrosion. 2. Increased safety by ensuring grounding systems remain functioning for their design life. 3. Lower overall cost by eliminating the need to replace grounding over time. 4. No impact to installation by maintaining existing work methods.

    Why Choose ConduWire? 

    ConduWire maintains all aspects and performance expectations from your specified conductor, while significantly improving lifespan. This ensures your grounding system functions equally well at end of the design life as it did on the day of install. Suitable for installation in any climate, at any time of the year. ConduWire can be installed with trenchless machinery and all wire stripping tools. Protect your assets!

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