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IPKeys Power Partners

MDM • ODM • DERMS • Analytics

With over 500 utilities and cities as clients today, we enable utilities and grid operators to maximize their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and reliability with software & data applications.

IPKeys Cyber Partners

Cybersecurity • NERC CIP Compliance • Network Management System

Providing utilities, cities and critical infrastructure providers with comprehensive cybersecurity technology and compliance software solutions for OT, IT, ICS, Cloud, and Public Safety Network communications systems.

Brands: EISS, VTN, VEN, OpenADR 2.0b, OpenADR 2.0b-certified, Demand Response, Aggregation, SigmaFlow, Cyberzcape, Public Safety, NERC Compliance, Critical Infrastructure


  • Utility Enterprise Data Management
    From Meter and Operational Data Management (M&ODM) to next generation Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) platforms, IPKeys Power Partners provides cyber-secure essential Utility Enterprise Software Solutions for the present and future....

  • Meter & Operational Data Management (M&ODM)

    The evolution of AMI metering from a primary application of back-office revenue data processing services such as “meter to cash” to enterprise-wide functions and applications presents utilities and grid operators with opportunities to leverage data, behavior and systems integration for new innovative products and efficiency in energy markets.

    The increased interval of data extraction and reporting presents the opportunity to unlock the value and investment in data infrastructure and provide the enterprise and its customers with an abundance of value-added services and Actionable Analytics that include:

    • Event Notification & Analysis
    • AMI Health
    • Line Loss Voltage
    • Water Loss Management
    • Transformer Alerts
    • Events & Outages

    IPKeys Power Partners M&ODM supports the Utility and Grid Operators in network modernization and digitization initiatives.

    Distributed Energy Management System (DERMS)

    IPKeys Power Partners’ experience in delivering over 10 years of demand response (DRMS) and distributed energy management systems (DERMS) has provided critical ingredients the development of its next-generation DERMS.

    The past four-year integration and investment of IPKeys Power Partners open standard and cyber secure OpenADR platform also known as Energy Interop Server Systems “EISS” with the leading M&ODM platform originally developed by Elect Solve has paved the way for the next generation DERMS.

    Previous DR systems were primarily deployed for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) consumers and delivered by vendors also known as aggregators and operated in channels not integrated with the AMI systems and the overall portfolio of the utility operator. As a result, many DR programs were lacking in best practices customer satisfaction and overall planning with the entire grid operators complete portfolio to include Residential and Small and Medium Business as well as different supply channels such as natural gas.

  • Cyberzcape
    Securing and delivering Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) for OT · IT · ICS · Cloud & Public Safety Communications networks...

  • Cyberzcape

    Cyberzcape Portal and Platform provides a lightweight, cost-effective and rapidly deployable continuous monitoring cybersecurity protection and interactive solutions center. Cyberzcape encompasses big data automation, artificial intelligence, human expertise and machine learning to discover, detect and remediate cyber threats as they occur.

    Real-time Resolution to Emergent Anomalies in CIP

    Cyberzcape identifies and detects CIP cyber threats emerging within OT and IT networks that are tailored to Utility, Grid Operators and includes Public Safety communications networks with the specialized Cyberzcape– NMS software and platform.

    Supporting the Electrification of the Transportation Grid

    With the increased adoption of electric vehicles hitting the roads of North America, cybersecurity needs to be a critical component built into each aspect of the electrification of the transport grid. Each car needs to be considered an endpoint and each charging station, a critical infrastructure point that needs protection. Cyberzcape is working side by side with future mobility organizations to address the connectivity security matters that come with more EVs on the road. We strive to be a valuable partner in this critical mission to provide cybersecurity for the betterment of our society – as we are all stakeholders.


    We built Cyberzcape Network Monitoring System (NMS) to help radio operators of critical infrastructure solve their biggest stability challenge: identifying and resolving issues that are tied to your backhaul. A results-oriented, purpose-built network monitoring tool that is focused on keeping LMR networks functioning to meet their exceptional high-availability requirements.

  • SigmaFlow
    SigmaFlow: the most comprehensive NERC compliance software platform on the market....

  • SigmaFlow

    A proven and time-tested Software platform that is tailored to satisfy North American Reliability Corp “NERC” CIP protocols and related Cyber Security mandates. Delivers evidence collection, baseline monitoring, automated workflows and audit-ready CIP compliance reporting for NERC registered entities.

    NERC compliance, simplified.

    With the IPKeys Cyber Partners SigmaFlow platform, our singular goal is to make it easier for you to manage your NERC compliance programs. Our comprehensive and intuitive software solution is designed to keep you organized, automate important tasks, track key processes and more.

    Our flexible NERC compliance software solution can be customized to your unique organization, making it the preferred solution for NERC regulated entities across North America.

    SigmaFlow Beacon

    A key element in our CIP compliance manager capabilities, SigmaFlow Beacon greatly simplifies baseline and configuration management. Quick and easy to setup, it’s a comprehensive monitoring and management solution all-in-one, deeply integrated into the SigmaFlow platform. Our solution includes: 

    • Lightweight, secure agents reduce deployment time and do not introduce cybersecurity risk
    • Easy-to-use agent manager ensures reliability and compliance 
    • Integrated data collection and approval workflows make maintaining compliance simple and fast

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