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Continental provides laundry solutions for fire departments.

Dirty protective gear can expose firefighters to life-threatening chemicals, blood, body fluids or particulate matter. Because ExpressWash gear washers and ExpressDry gear dryers are critical to keeping protective gear clean and firefighters safe, they often qualify for grant dollars from the AFG Program.

Brands: Continental Girbau's programmable ExpressWash commercial washers and ExpressDry gear dryers are designed to properly clean a firefighter's turnout gear.


  • Continental ExpressWash® Washers
    Continental ExpressWash® Washers properly clean turnout gear by removing life-threatening body fluids, particulates and carcinogens. Highly programmable to comply with NFPA guidelines, ExpressWash Washers help keep gear clean and firefighters healthy....

  • Continental ExpressWash® Washers properly clean contaminated protective gear according to NFPA 1851 guidelines. This is critical, because if dirty gear is not dealt with properly, it can expose firefighters and the people they serve to life-threatening chemicals, body fluids and particulates. ExpressWash Washers properly decontaminate gear while maintaining the integrity of the protective fabrics. No wonder ExpressWash Washers often qualify for Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) funding ( and are backed by an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty.

    Industry experts agree that gear must be cleaned using a highly programmable washer – like an ExpressWash Washer – to avoid damage to the gear itself. Using different programs, a fire department can wash a variety of items – turnout suit shells and linings, truck towels, EMS jumpsuits, and more.

    ExpressWash Washers offer programmability of water temperatures and levels, extract speeds, multiple bath options, automatic chemical (detergent) injection, multiple wash actions, cylinder rotation options, and wash time. Moreover, ExpressWash Washers can automatically inject the right type and quantities of detergents at the appropriate water temperature and level, preventing inconsistent and damaging results.

    Once the washer is programmed, operators simply select a program number, load the machine and press start. Gear is consistently cleaned without damage to costly protective fabrics. Moreover, firefighters are protected from the hazards of wearing dirty gear.

    ExpressWash Washers deliver high-performance operation, efficiency, programmability and ease-of-use. Specifically engineered to save space and install easily in unconventional locations – including truck bays and utility rooms – ExpressWash Washers position easily into place without need for bolt-down or reinforced concrete foundations.

    Available in capacities ranging from 20 to 255 pounds, ExpressWash Washers allow for superior wash quality using considerably less water. Designed without a sump, a water containment area at the base of the washer, ExpressWash Washers save up to 3 gallons of water with each fill. Less water used equates to lower water-heating costs and reduced chemical usage.

    Moreover, ExpressWash Washers feature AquaFall, a system that further enhances efficiency by introducing water into the washer drum via holes in the drum lifters. As the drum turns, lifters release water from above, creating superior load saturation, chemical penetration and rinsing. Additionally, an AquaMixer system improves wash action by mixing hot and cold water to achieve precise bath temperatures—minimizing hot water consumption.

    Finally, ExpressWash Washers are engineered for reliability and durability. They feature durable AISI-304 stainless steel inner and outer drums, and front, side and top panels constructed of steel and coated with Continental's corrosion-resistant Titan Steel Finish. An oversized door, which allows for easy loading and unloading, is equipped with a heavy-duty, bolt-style hinge to withstand the rigors of constant use.

    To find out more about ExpressWash Washers, which are backed by an industry-leading 5/3-year factory warranty, visit or call 800-256-1073.
  • Continental ExpressDry® Gear Dryers
    Continental ExpressDry® Gear Dryers properly dry turnout gear, and related protective equipment, according to NFPA guidelines. In doing so, they significantly reduce a firefighters’ exposure to cancer-causing contaminants – helping keep them healthy....

  • Continental ExpressDry® Gear Dryers, which are NFPA 1851 compliant, allow fire departments to properly and safely dry turnout gear, helmets, facemasks, boots and gloves in a few hours, rather than days. Equipped with drying ports and stickmen drying stations, ExpressDry Gear Dryers blow a large volume of air, at high pressure, safely through garments—drying even hard-to-reach areas. ExpressDry Gear Dryers often qualify for Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) funding ( and are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Engineered for drying any and all protective equipment, the ExpressWash Gear Dryer is available with up to eight stickmen drying stations and up to 24 accessory ports for drying helmets, gloves, boots, facemasks and SCBAs. A Special Ops ExpressDry Gear Dryer is also available, which features four adjustable and invertible stickmen for drying gear used for HAZMAT, swift water, ice and dive operations.

    Options for the Special Ops models include a boot tree capable of drying up to four pairs of soaked boots per “tree station” in just 60 minutes; an extra-long disinfection sprayer for use in cleaning gear not washed in a mechanical washer; and a rinse station/staging accessory, which secures the stickmen in an upright position for manual cleaning/disinfection using the sprayer.

    Constructed for ease of use and efficiency, ExpressDry Gear Dryers feature a straightforward touch-screen control with four dry time presets, including a continuous drying option, as well as a custom timer for programming custom dry times. The control also allows users to toggle between ambient- or heated-air drying.

    The ExpressDry Gear Dryer works by using a powerful 110-volt blower system to push ambient or heated air through the garment – from the inside out – at high pressure. This ensures air effectively dries the body of the gear but also hard-to-reach areas, including the inseam, collar and underarm, while s decreasing dry time from days to hours.

    Simple to assemble and relocate, the ExpressDry Gear Dryer rides on roller castors, which slide easily across the floor. Constructed with a highly durable diamond plate deck and featuring steel, powder-coated stickmen, the dryer offers the ultimate in drying and location flexibility.

    Using the ExpressDry Gear Dryer, gear can be properly and quickly dried—returning it to service sooner without material damage. The ExpressDry Gear Dryer comes standard with four to eight stickmen drying stations, a timer for automatic shut off, up to 24 utility drying ports, quick-attach removable blower and a noise reduction package. Boasting an operational life span of 87,000 hours, ExpressDry Gear Dryers are NFPA compliant and backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    For more information, visit or call 800-256-1073.

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