Hazmat Hot Zone Rescues: The Gray Area

  • Room: 101-102
Wednesday, April 27, 2022: 3:30 PM - 5:15 PM


Phil Ambrose
Battalion Chief; Founder
Glendale (CA) Fire Department; HazMatNation.com
United States


A common-sense approach to first-in hazmat that is relatable to all levels as well as volunteer and career departments, this class explains when firefighters in structural gear can make a rescue in a hazmat hot zone and when they need to wait for the hazmat team. It dispels the go/no-go myths surrounding increasingly common hazmat incidents like chemical suicides and drug labs. Learn how to read the incidents and recalibrate the rules of thumb on when to fall back and when to move forward.



Case studies, I have new ones to add this year as well as some of the interviews I have used in the past presentations at FDIC which are compelling since I interviewed actual chemical suicide survivors and first in company officers.

Although good reviews each year, I plan to up the interaction with go no go slides and engage the class more.

Five Key Considerations
Following are five key considerations firefighters must remember when confronted with victims in a hazmat environment.
Respiratory protection.
Exposure protection.
Pre incident plan, post-incident assessment.
A good plan and properly worn PPE with SCBA can do more good than you think.

Learning Objectives

The class will detail how today’s all-hazard responders can assess and understand the hazards presented and know when they can make a rescue in structural firefighting PPE and SCBA and when they need to call for the hazmat team. Attendees will walk through real-life examples and learn where the dangers lie and how to protect against them. We will also examine the laws that apply to these scenarios and the equipment needed to get the job done. Students will leave with a good base.

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