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Choose the QinFlow Warrior for no more cold blood/IV fluids!

QinFlow's Warrior product is a high-performance, portable blood/IV fluid warmer for the entire continuum of emergency care--- from pre-hospital to hospital. Our product is capable of warming near-frozen fluids to body temperature within seconds, even at intense resuscitation rates. Visit us at www.qinflow.com or call 469-682-5356 for additional information.

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  • QinFlow Warrior Blood & IV Fluid Warmers
    QinFlow's Warrior product is a superior blood and IV fluid warmer for the most demanding field and hospital settings. Warrior systems are portable, simple to use, affordable, and safe (aluminum free)....

  • Superior Performance at a Significantly Lower Per Use Price!

    Recognized for their superiority over prevailing warmers in the recently released CoTCCC ARC Guidelines, the Warrior and the Warrior EXTREME set the highest standard of performance for any pre hospital warmer. Not only do they deliver superior performance, but also they accomplish this at a significantly lower cost of ownership, compared with all modern battery operable warmers; a true win win solution.

    The Warrior and the Warrior EXTREME:

    • Warm near-freezing blood/IV fluids at up to 200ml/min, vs. only 100-150ml/min of alternative solutions
    • Warm up to 3.5 liters of near-freezing blood/IV fluids with a single charge, vs. 1-2 liters of alternative solutions
    • Uniquely validated to handle intense and intermittent bolus flows (more below)
    • Are 50-70% more economical on a per-use basis!

    The Warrior and the Warrior EXTREME are a 3-part system composed of a controller (or Base Unit), battery, and per-patient warmer (i.e. disposable unit). Several accessories are offered so as to optimize the offering to the specific operating environments, such as mount accessory and extension cable. Assembly is simple and fail-safe and takes seconds to accomplish. Blood/IV fluids will be warmed almost from the first even at high resuscitation rates. An LCD display indicates to the user the incoming and outgoing blood/IV fluid temperature at all times. The consumable’s fluid path is aluminum-free, thus eliminating toxicity concerns associated with aluminum. Instead, the consumable uses patented medical grade stainless steel warming technology. The efficiency of our technology ensures immediate warming. The systems measure the blood/IV fluids’ temperature a few hundred times per second and automatically adjusts the heating to ensure 38°C (± 2°C) output. Thus, the Warrior and the Warrior EXTREME handle intermittent bolus flows generated by push-pull resuscitation methods (e.g. hand pump, syringe or Lifeflow-like devices which are fairly common in trauma settings), exceptionally well. The technology has been perfected over several thousand field utilizations.

    High Performance

    • Fastest: Warms near frozen blood/fluid to 38°C (± 2°C) in a few seconds.
    • Unmatched Delivery Rate: From KVO and up to 200 ml/min delivery rate at 4°C fluid input temperature and 290 ml/min for room temperature fluids, per single (fully charged) battery.
    • Unmatched Battery Capacity: Up to 3.5 liters at 4°C fluid input temperature and 5 liters at 20°C fluid input temperature per single (fully charged) battery.
    • Unique Bolus Flow Handling: Real time sensing and highly efficient warming technology guarantee fast reaction to flow changes.

    Designed with the User in Mind

    • Portable: Can fit small transport platforms.
    • Simple To Operate: Fail safe assembly. Functions on gravity feed. Flow can be regulated with pressure bag or pump (300 mmHg).
    • Same Disposable Unit Fits All Protocols: The same disposable unit can be used for blood and fluid products.
    • No Proprietary Tubing: Does not require proprietary blood/IV fluids line. Fits all common IV tubings.
    • Communicative: LCD panel for indications and alerts; over and underheating alerts; battery capacity alerts. Incoming and outgoing field temperature presented at all times.
    • Mountable: Can be mounted to pole, rail or stretcher.
    • Power Source Flexibility: AC operable mode can be added (note: the AC version is not for transports)
    • Unique Continuum of Care Proposition: Same consumable can be used across the entire continuum, simplifying patients’ handoff and reducing cost.

    Cutting Edge, Mature, and Safe Underlying Technology

    • Smart Warming Technology: Microprocessor controller highly efficient smart warming technology.
    • Common Heating Element: Medical grade stainless steel coil.
    • Extremely Relaxed Heat Transfer Mechanism: Incremental heat transfer over 220cm / 7.2 ft. coil.
    • Mature Technology: Field Proven, patent protected technology with thousands of field utilizations.
    • Safe Technology: Fail safe design; aluminum free.
    • Defibrillation Proof Type BF Applied Part: Safe to be used jointly with a defibrillator.
    • Meets the Requirements of the Stringiest Standards for Field Operation: Certified for top EMS regulatory standards IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2:2014, and IEC60601-1-12 (Warrior EXTREME)

    Practically Zero Maintenance

    • Service Cycles: 5 years between service cycles.
    • No Calibration: No need for periodic calibration.
    • Visit us at Booth #8235 today for a demonstration.
    • Learn more about our product on our website at www.qinflow.com.

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