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Drago-ISI - Fight Fire With POWER !

The Drago Advanced Fire Suppression Cannon is a multifunction tool that can quickly and effectively achieve three firefighting objectives: extinguishing a fire (3X faster with 70% less water*), cool the air (5X more*), and disperse smoke and toxic fumes. The Drago cannon’s unique ability to do all three is in the science of evaporation and in the power of water droplets !

*CW to a regular fire nozzle(TEEX TESTED)

Brands: Drago Advanced Fire Suppression Cannon, Drago-ISI


  • Drago Advanced Fire Suppression Cannon
    Is an essential element for any firefighter’s arsenal !
    -Extinguishes and cool fire faster with less water
    -Instantly knocks down and control fire
    -Has a reach of over 200 feet
    -Shoot water and firefighting agents

  • The Drago Advanced Fire Suppression Cannon is a product of Drago-ISI Inc. specializes in the design and marketing of innovative fire control solutions.

    Capable with a minimum water flow as low as 150 GPM at 40 psi with a jet distance that exceeds 200 ft. The Drago cannon is simple in design yet highly effective.

    It uses our constant stream technology, distinct from any other water cannon on the market. The unique design of the central nozzle (Spider) offers a smooth performance curve with optimal parameters of water flow and droplet quality compared to all other water mist technologies.

    The Drago shoots a water/air mix or water/firefighting agent mixtures (foam or even encapsulator agents) at a great distance to efficiently conduct various maneuvers aimed at extinguishing fires, cooling the ambient air, or repelling smoke and toxic fumes.

    It can be mounted on any kind of vehicle (Truck, Trailer, Boat…) or simply as a stand-alone fire protection device. 

    For a video of the Drago Cannon in action Click Here

     Key Features : 

    • Hybrid water / air spray for superior for superior thermal absorption with 70% less water in optimal dispersal

    • Fully automatic and wireless remote control for ease of operation

    • Nozzle flaps can be adjusted from 32 to 26 inches (81 to 66 cm) to tailor the water/airstream

    • Water discharge rates between 150 to 755 GPM (569 - 2859 liters per minute) for a much lower water consumption

    • Water jet distance from 100 up to 200 feet (31 up to 61 m)

    • Water / foam / encapsulator mix jet height of 100 to 180 feet (31 to 55 m)

    • Width of water and foam penetration at a distance of 100 ft (30 m) = 30 to 50 feet (12 to 15 m) for maximum coverage
    • Width of water and foam penetration at a distance of 100 ft (30 m) = 30 to 50 feet (12 to 15 m) for maximum coverage

    • +135° or -135° rotation with a tilt of +45° to -15° for greater control

    • The water pressure of the central nozzle (Spider) is adjustable from 40 to a maximum of 260 psi (3 to 18 bars)

    • Nominal Operating Pressure = 150 to 200 psi

    • Spider foam nozzle has its own mesh grid for optimal expansion for foam or encapsulation

    • No filtering system for easy maintenance

    It is TEEX TESTED !

    Main testing team comments:

    • The Drago Cannon was capable of flowing an effective fire stream to 202 feet.

    • Cooling and Protecting:  In combination with a hand-line team, the Drago Cannon showed capability in effectively cooling and protecting exposures.

    • Foam Blanket: The Drago Cannon was able to produce an effective foam blanket without the use of a fixed structure such as a back splash or tank wall.

    • Width of water and foam penetration at a distance of 100 ft (30 m) = 30 to 50 feet (12 to 15 m) for maximum coverage

    • Circular Tank Extinguishment:  The Drago Cannon was able to extinguish a 1,590-square-foot circular tank prop 3.3 times faster (51 seconds compared to 167 seconds) with baseline.

  • Drago Trailer Unit
    Equipped with the Drago Cannon this multifunction tool is easy and quick to transport and deploy, simple to use and safe for the operator !
    Its robust construction is designed to withstand shocks and moderately uneven ground.
    Complies to NFPA 1901....

  • The Drago autonomous trailer can operate more than 24hrs without interruption, It is a specialized system that can support most firefighting operations. This versatile and compact unit is easy to transport, quick to deploy, simple and safe to use for any operator.

    This unit can be used for pumping while driving with its 4-inch water inlet at the front in addition to its standard 4-inch inlet at the rear. The Drago Cannon can be remotely controlled wirelessly, or by a communication cable or directly by the control panel. The oscillation pattern option also allows you non-stop control-free operation for several hours.

    This multifunctional trailer unit can be transported by light truck on city or secondary roads. Its sturdy construction is especially designed to withstand shocks and moderately uneven floors. The trailer is built to comply with the NFPA 1901 standard.

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