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Welcome to Simulation/Alpine Metal Tech Inc.

Simulation/Alpine Metal Tech specializes in the design, build, install and maintenance of structural, ARFF, petroleum and industrial live fire simulators and facilities. Our goal is to design and build a custom simulator through a partnership between your organization and ours to ensure you get the optimum solution for the training of personnel at your facility. 

Brands: Realistic, rugged, and reliable live fire training simulators and props for structural, flashover, ARFF, industrial, military, maritime, oil and gas, haz-mat, confined space and wildland firefighting.


  • Aircraft Live Fire Simulators
    Our custom-built aircraft simulators range from the largest wide body aircraft to the smallest general aviation airplanes. Customers can decide the complexity level and the training scenarios....

  • Large-Frame Wide-Body Aircraft Simulators

    Simulation provides realistic live fire training for wide body aircraft such as Boeing 747, 777, Airbus A380 and A350.  Immersed into this realistic environment are the options for a multitude of different live fire scenarios both internally and externally, providing the most realistic training in the world for firefighters and rescue crews.

    Narrow-Body Aircraft Simulators

    Simulation’s narrow body aircraft fire simulators provide realistic live fire training for mid-size aircraft such as Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.  This model is the most popular choice as it is found operating at most commercial airports.  In addition, hybrid designs are a common option where a single simulator is a blend of two or more types. It is even possible to add single components from smaller commuter aircraft.

    Regional Aircraft Simulators

    Our regional aircraft models provide realistic live fire training for smaller commercial aircraft such as ATR72 / DHC Dash 8/Q400, CRJ Series or Embraer models. An endless list of options and combinations exist to make each simulator customizable to each customer’s requirements and budget. Besides having the regional aircraft in a fixed position, we also offer simulators of this size in a mobile version, which is ideal for training across multiple jurisdictions.

    General Aviation Simulators

    The small general aviation fire simulators provide realistic live fire training for smaller private aircraft in both the piston and jet categories. A limitless list of models are available for manufacture including popular choices from Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, and Lear. Each simulator is customizable to each customer’s requirements and budget.  Simulators in this category are also available as a fixed installation or mobile on a trailer.

  • Flashover and Structural Fire Training Simulators
    Simulation/AMT flashover and structural simulators provide a means for firefighters to train in an environment that replicates the challenges and complexities of a structural fire, but in a safe, durable, and repeatable manner....

  • Flashover Simulators

    Flashovers are a common and deadly occurrence in the growth phase of a structure fire, yet they are difficult to detect without the correct training. Learning the tell-tale signs and the techniques to prevent a flashover are critical skills. Using a proprietary system of baffles, vents and louvres, the intensity of the Class “A” fire inside the unit can be modified so that the firefighters can witness the different fire phases in a controlled manner.

    H-Block Simulators

    The Simulation H-Block fire trainer is recognized as being the ultimate single-story fire training unit. Designed to exacting engineering and performance standards, the H-Block was developed to allow multiple aspects of fire training to occur in a single, yet compact unit, such as flashovers, backdrafts, single/multiple fire suppression, ventilation, mazes, search/rescue or confined space. All of the fire evolutions are conducted with Class “A” burn materials.

    Structural Fire Training Simulators

    Our customized structural fire training simulators can be constructed to simulate residential structure fire scenarios.  Working with our customers, we can design the structure to replicate the type of housing predominant in your fire district.  Multiple construction methods can be utilized which are best suited to your needs and an endless array of interior props can be integrated dependent on the required level of realism.  

    Multi-Level Training Complex

    Simulation designs and builds customized multi-level fire and rescue training facilities to realistically simulate the challenges present in larger dwellings, commercial or industrial buildings, and high rises.  These larger simulators enable more complex evolutions where the officers and firefighters can be challenged with multiple fires, fire extension through multiple floors, high angle rescue, and complex ventilation scenarios.  Unique hazards in your community can be integrated into the unit for training specific to your environment.  Class A and B options available.

  • Additional fire and training simulators
    Simulation/AMT can provide props for applications such as vehicles, fuel spills, gas and petroleum and wildland scenarios. Many non-fire related simulators are also available for haz-mat, confined space, and other types of specialized rescue scenarios....

  • Pipe Gantry

    Simulation’s identically replicated pipe gantries found in most refining and distribution plants, give the firefighters a realistic extinguishment challenge with these unique structures.  The elevated position of the fire along with the horizontal spread aspect presents a level of unparalleled realism.  The Class B computer-controlled fire enables the instructor to challenge the trainees in multiple aspects of extinguishment.

    Petrochemical Fire Training Simulator

    Our customizable petrochemical fire training rig can be customizable to the type of infrastructure found in any particular refinery plant.  The included components, height, floors, size, number of fires, location of fires, and intensity of fires are limitless.  The computer-controlled system enables realistic fire spread.  Multiple fires can be engaged as the fire intensifies, giving the trainees exposure to the heat and fire load experienced in an actual refinery fire.

    Wellhead Unit

    Wellhead simulators are constructed of the same piping and flange components found in actual wells.  Working with the customer we manufacture heads that are of the same size and diameter found on their specific sites.  In addition, design elements for fire size/intensity are integrated to account for specific pressures and volumes that may be experienced at a particular site.

    Storage Tank Training Facility

    Simulation manufactures oil and fuel storage tank fire training simulators that offer the most intensive and realistic tank fire scenarios available.  From full scale mock ups through smaller scale units, the computer-controlled fire loads will test the students and trainees.  Advanced foam application techniques and fire-fighting tactics will be challenged in an extremely realistic environment.

    Pressure Vessel

    Pressure vessel fire potential exists not only in a refinery environment but are commonplace in residential and commercial settings.  Larger tanks containing propane or other pressurized fuel present significant risk of BLEVE during fire impingement.  Simulations replicated pressure vessels with variable intensity fire loads train the firefighters to safely cool and extinguish the fires and teach awareness of BLEVE threat.

    Vehicle Fire Trainers

    Simulation designs and manufactures a wide range of vehicle fire simulators including cars, trucks, buses, or any other vehicle upon request.  The heavy duty constructed simulators closely replicate the actual vehicle being modeled and are designed for long life and safe operation.  Stainless steel options are also available for extra longevity and strength.

    Domestic and Commercial Fire Props

    Fire simulation props are available for integration into any of our fire training or structures or as standalone simulators for firefighter training.  While Simulation will customize any requested solution, some of our most popular prop requests include beds, kitchens, couches, dumpsters, gas meters, BBQ grills, garbage cans, and spill fires.  These units are controlled utilizing our remote control system and LPG fuel supply.  Many of the props are portable and mobile and can be transported via a customized trailer with integrated hoses and LPG fuel system for easy set-up.

    Forest and Wildland Fires

    Simulation is the only company in the world to offer a realistic and intensive live fire simulator solution for forest fires and wildfires.  Our proprietary system integrates a high level of technology and specialized props to enable training of ground, vehicle and aerial forces.  Each system can be designed for multiple vegetation, tree and growth patterns with countless scenarios to continually challenge even seasoned firefighters. More information upon request.

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