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The ECCOTARP collapsible products are highly innova­tive and help fire guards, rescue guards, hospital staff, during elimination of environmental accidents and spills, in logistics, in industrial warehouses, retail stores, offices, protect the envi­ronment and human health.

An innovation in the production are electric rollers for fire hoses ET-ROLLER 5 and decontamination spill berms.

Brands: Collapsible spill berms, large customized spill berms, foldable drain covers, spill berms for pallets, sorbent dispenser carts, industrial folding funnels, large-capacity tanks, floor ECCO-Barriers.


  • Electric Roller for Fire Hoses
    Compact battery-operated foldable fire hose roller tool with a powerful built-in electric motor minimizes the time required for reeling unwound fire hoses after action or training, for emptying filled fire hoses or for controlled unwinding of wound hose....

  • Benefits:

    • Quick and convenient winding of both dry and wet fire hoses up to 5"
    • Easy handling, quick assembly, folded to transport position in a single move
    • Intelligent drive control – adjusts the speed of winding
    • Battery-operated – winds up to 15 000' of hose per one charging
    • REVERSE function – for convenient unwinding of already wound hose
    • Also for draining water from already filled fire hoses
    • Ergonomic robust design with many improvements compared with standard rollers:
      • easy-to-operate fire hose winding system
      • removable fire hose holder – ensures easy handling of a wound hose
      • unique fold-out chassis – stabilizes the winder and keeps it steady during winding


    The roller is very easy and quick to operate. Fit the straightened fire hose onto the removable carrier fork (in the ET-Roller 5 package there are 2 sizes of Removable carrier fork with a handle to ensure the ability to wind different couplings of fire hose up to 5"). Set the main switch to winding mode – ON. Press the WORK button on the handle and wind the full length of the hose. Then turn off the roller by changing to the position OFF. We can comfotably take the fire hose off thanks to the removable fork of the carrier immediately after winding, or if it needs to be moved closer, for example to the fire truck, we can leave it on a roller and take it to its destination, where it is subsequently removed from the roller.

    We offer as optional accessory "hose protector" to prevent abrasion hose ends in static winding mode.

    The winder can also be used for convenient draining water from the filled hose by pulling it over guiding coil or for controlled unwinding wound hoses using the REVERSE function.


    • Safety limit on winding power (automatically switches off if limit is exceeded)
    • Smooth start, immediate stop
    • Intelligent control system adjusts the speed of winding
    • Safe working voltage – 36 V

    Technical details

    Robust steel frame. The heavy-duty parts of all the shafts are made of high-strength steel. Durable surface finish –
    powder-coated or galvanized. Powerful DC motor, water and dust resistant. Charger included. Safe operation thanks to low working voltage. Durable control elements. Unique design ensuring high stability during winding and allows for easy handling of the wound hose.

    Dimensions Assembled:

    19 x 14.2 x 53.5 (maximum handle extended) in

    Weight without fire hose:

    50.7 lb

  • ET COOL-EL - Cooling Container
    Collapsible container for refueling and cooling electric cars and hybrid cars.
    Quick and effective solution to fire extinguishing problems of electric cars and hybrid cars.

  • The design and dimensions of the container are specially developed for quenching and cooling electric cars and hybrid cars by flooding them with water for the necessary time. Cooling the lower part of the car, where the traction batteries are located, reliably prevents the car‘s battery from re-igniting and causing another fire.


    • Flooding the battery of an electric car and preventing it from sparking 
    • Folding design – takes up minimal space in transport condition – easy transport 
    • Quick assembly in the field within 5 minutes 
    • Easy handling 
    • Easy to push the car into the container space through the folded side of the tank 
    • Suitable for storing electric vehicle wrecks 
    • Made of chemically resistant selfextinguishing material 
    • Equipped with a drain hole with a plug for easy filling or drainage of contaminated water – part of the solution 
    • Dimensional variants according to the customer‘s wishes 
    • Ball valve – to order

    Technical details

    • A stronger plastic-coated fabric with a special self-extinguishing surface treatment, reinforced with polyethylene fabric (PES/PVC 2 lb/10.7 ft²) was used during production. The material used is resistant to dangerous substances (see the Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of the catalogue). The outer 3-part folding side supports are made of galvanized, alternatively stainless steel. To construct the container, the supports in the lower part are anchored with a special lock. The upright position of the support is ensured by sliding its upper part under the stabilizing tape located at the appropriate places around the perimeter of the container. The collapsible structure enables transport in a fire engine or trailer and subsequent quick assembly of the container in the field. The container can also be available in a disassembled state at special places designated for the storage of discarded electric cars, where it can be immediately assembled, filled with water and used if necessary.
    • The temperature range of use of the container is from -22 °F to +158 °F. Containers can be supplied in various sizes and volumes. The standard size of the tank is 236 × 118 × 34 in. The container is equipped with a drain hole B75 as standard. To ensure the longevity of the product, always use a protective pad under the bottom of the container and inner pad, which are a necessary part of the product.
  • High capacity berm with collapsible structure
    Utility water reservoir or a collection berm for hazardous substances, collapsible, rapid assembly, low weight.
    The tank is suitable, for example, for helicopter firefighting using the bambi bucket or for repumping materials at places difficult to reach.

  • Benefits

    • Rapid assembly
    • Low weight
    • Simple and robust structure is made of a light alloy and stainless steel
    • Packed construction takes minimal space
    • Volume of 1 321–13 208 gallons

    Technical details

    The tank is made of a highly resistant PES/PVC material providing the temperature range of use of -22 °F to +158 °F. The material is resistant against chemical and oil substances (see Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of catalog), thereby providing enhanced potential of use in environmental accidents. The tank can be filled very quickly using the filling elbow in the upper part of the structure. A fill/discharge valve (type according to customer‘s choice) is located in the bottom part of the tank. As an optional accessory, the tank structure can be equipped with a holder of ferrule of fire hose. It is an above-standard construction designed especially for the purpose of firmly anchoring the position of the ball valve with the valve at the bottom of the tank. Thanks to this element, there is no danger of coming out of the holder of ferrule of fire hose of the tank tarpaulin even at full load.

    In order to increase the life and the resistance of the tanks we recommend using the protective pad which is a standard part of the product. The maximum slope of the tank is 8 %!

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