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Stop by to learn how we reduce heat and noise in truck cabs.

A leader in thermal acoustic solutions for over 50 years, Aearo Technologies LLC uses an advanced testing facility and capabilities to create winning solutions for our customers in the emergency vehicle industry, commercial vehicle, aerospace, power generation, and more.

Learn how installing Aearo's advanced insulation can significantly reduce the temp and noise in truck cabs. 

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  • TUFshield™ Thermal Shielding Products
    Rigorously tested and specially engineered, TUFshield™ materials are a line of thermal shielding products designed to help protect both components and people from potentially harmful heat sources....

  • TUFshield™ Thermal Management Solutions

    When it comes to transportation, vehicles are designed to get you from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. But even as we push the limits of design to improve efficiency, engines are pushed to their limits, operating at extremely high temperatures – making for an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous environment.

    That’s why Aearo Technologies LLC has created innovative new materials for thermal management. Rigorously tested and specially engineered, TUFshield™ Materials are a line of thermal shielding and barrier products designed to help protect both components and people from potentially dangerous heat sources. 

    These lightweight and formable TUFshield thermal materials are the latest defense in thermal management. The newest additions to our thermal shielding portfolio, TUFshield thermal management materials are designed to provide reliable protection and comfort in hot-running engine environments – even in tight spaces.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Lightweight and highly conformable
    • Resilient for use in interior and exterior conditions
    • Thermal protection for machinery and interiors
    • Easy attachment via adhesive or mechanical fasteners

    Adhesive Mounted Materials 

    Our aluminum/foam/PSA products are designed to be adhered directly to the component that needs protection from the heat source.

    • Easily die-cut Fit into unusually shaped application areas and tight spaces
    • Extremely durable material
    • Resistant to potentially damaging situations

    Rigid Mounted Materials

    Tough aluminum/foam/aluminum materials that can easily replace the metal shielding in your system and streamline your application by allowing for the removal of a secondary heat shield material. 

    • For use with the most severe heat issues 
    • Easily formed into 3D shapes with air gap by using our proprietary, low-cost, tooling method 
    • Innovative part design helps fit into unusually shaped application areas and tight spaces 
    • Lab tested – extremely durable material 

    Please contact our engineering specialists for more information at

  • TUFCOTE™ XL Acoustical Absorbing Foams
    Acoustical absorbing foams are widely used to reduce noise levels within a given space. These tough foams are produced using a proprietary thin sheet casting process that chemically bonds the foams to a variety of facings and the adhesive....

  • TUFCOTE™ XL Acoustic Foam

    TUFCOTE™ XL Acoustic Foam is the latest innovation in the Aearo Technologies portfolio of acoustic products. TUFCOTE™ XL acoustic foam is manufactured with an optimized cellular construction to create a new material capable of achieving a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.8 at 1-inch thickness. Available with an aluminized or black surface, this material can also protect fragile components from heat sources within the equipment.

    Introducing TUFCOTE™ XL Acoustic Foams

    The new TUFCOTE XL acoustic foams reach 0.8 NRC values at 1-inch thickness. The acoustic absorber features a unique PET facing on a polyurethane foam to accentuate absorption for very high NRC value. The XL foam meets HF-1 flame rating and the requirements of UL 2200.

    World-Class Manufacturing Process

    Failure Is Not an Option Aearo Technologies LLC's proprietary manufacturing process for TUFCOTE™ XL acoustic foams creates a superiorly constructed product designed specifically for power generation enclosures. Our thin sheet casting process chemically bonds the input materials (PSA/foam/surface). Unlike other urethane foams that are laminated (glued), TUFCOTE foam does not delaminate or separate. This is particularly important in high air flow areas of the enclosure or when installed over head of a heat source such as an engine.

    The thin sheet casting process additionally allows Aearo Technologies LLC to manufacture TUFCOTE XL foams efficiently and economically. Together with integrated parts fabrication, maximized shipping programs and the highest ISO quality standards, it is no surprise that Aearo is a leading supplier to power generation OEMs.

    Industry-leading performance, superior construction, highest possible value ➡ TUFCOTE XL Acoustic Foams

    Advantages of Aluminized Facing over a Black-Faced Foam in High-Temperature Applications

    TUFCOTE™ XL-AP acoustic foam utilizes an aluminized polyester surface to protect the foam while increasing both the thermal and acoustic performance.

    Where to Use:

    TUFCOTE XL -AP foam is ideally used inside the enclosure and around radiated heat sources. The reflective surface deflects radiant heat, lowering both foam and substrate (enclosure surface) temperatures. This allows the enclosure design to be more efficient and reduces touchpoint temperatures. A black urethane surface and an aluminized polyester surface were tested near a radiant heat source at a distance of 3”. The black urethane surface continued to absorb heat until the test was terminated. At conclusion, there was over a 75°F delta in substrate temperatures between the black urethane (150°F) and the aluminized polyester surface (75°F). In addition to improved efficiency, the aluminized polyester surface reflects interior lighting. This allows OEMs to reduce the amount of lighting and create a bright and clean enclosure.

    For more information, contact or visit our website at

  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation TK Series
    3M™ Thinsulate™ is a low-density mat insulation. Its internal web contains a mix of fine and thick polyester and polypropylene microfibers specifically engineered to absorb vibration and trap radiant heat – reducing noise and keeping things cool or warm....

  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation

    You may know the brand name from winter gloves and other cold-weather gear. But did you know the same technology can help keep you comfortable on the road? 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation helps create a first-class thermal and acoustic environment, for a quieter ride and more consistent cab temperature – regardless of weather.

    Features of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation

    • Compressible – Fits a wide range of applications where varying thickness is highly desirable
    • Conformable – Specifically designed to accommodate irregular spaces, such as over structural members
    • Cavity Filling – Fills voids between trim panels and cab structure.

    Superior acoustic performance by:

    • Combo Web Process (Meltblown & Airlaid Processes Combined)
    • Unique Nonwoven Acoustic Absorber
    • Fine Fibers from Meltblown Process
      • High fiber surface area
      • Provides acoustic performance
    • Large Staple Fibers from Airlaid Process
      • Greater thickness than a meltblown web alone
      • Provides structure and loft

    Materials and solutions are tested and validated in our Acoustic Technology Center. For more information, visit 

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